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Ecosystems, Land
Tundra ------ Shrub and Brush Tundra ------ Wet Tundra Urban: Those ecosystems dominated by man-made structures. Included in ... of most years and dominated by hydrophytic vegitation and biota. Wetlands include marshes, mudflats, swamps, wet meadows, and perched bogs. Wetlands also include seasonally flooded basins, playas, or potholes with no surface ...

Wetlands include marshes, mudflats, swamps, wet meadows, and perched bogs. Wetlands also include seasonally flooded basins, playas, or potholes with ... This includes non-tidal fresh, brackish, and salt marshes, nonvegetated flats, and freshwater meadows, wet prairies, and open bogs. This does not include titdal, estuarine wetlands (see Emergent ... More from this site

ASM | Mammals of Illinois
Marsh Oryzomys / Marsh Rice Rat Oryzomys palustris common statewide 252 176 Found in wet meadows and dense vegetation near marshes, swamps, streams, ponds, and ditches. Cotton Deermouse / Cotton Mouse ... 957 43 Found in grasslands and other upland areas, weedy fencerows, fields, roadsides, and meadows. American Pygmy Shrew Sorex hoyi poorly known northeastern part of Alabama 33 [as Microsorex ...

ASM | Mammals of Washington
Townsend's vole Mircrotus townsendii open grasslands west of Cascades, western WA 325 marshes, wet meadows and riparian woodlands Gray-tailed vole Microtus canicaudus meadow and pastures, Clark cty Long ... Northern bog lemming Synaptomys borealis northern Cascades, Okanogan Highlands, ne corner bogs and moist meadows Muskrat Ondatra zibethicus low country throughout WA X, H: 1162; 1163 141 3 Sagebrush ... More from this site

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Conservation : Wetlands
Wetlands may be defined by the presence of hydric ... . These do not need to be wet all year round to be important. In Colorado, rivers, creeks, lakes, reservoirs, springs, fens, playa lakes, and wet meadows comprise roughly a million acres of wetlands ...

Restoration of the Mono Basin Ecosystem
These “wooded wetlands” featured multistoried cottonwood forests, deep meandering multiple stream channels, backwater ponds, and wet meadows. Water Diversions and Damaged Ecosystems. Between 1852 and 1941, the Mono Basin was just beginning ...

NMPIF Grassland 3
Limit draining of wet meadows in higher mountain areas. Ensure that portions of moist meadows remain moist throughout the summer In higher mountain meadows, ...

NMPIF Wetlands 3
White-crowned Sparrow found in high elevation, wet, sedge-dominated areas with moderate to light shrub cover in New Mexico such as wet meadows or along small streams avoids areas without ... avoid xerification of meadows reduce or eliminate recreational uses in breeding habitat during breeding season (mid May - mid July) promote development on upslope areas away from wet meadows and streamsides ... More from this site

Mountain Grasslands and Meadows of the Colorado Plateau
Boulder Top, includes numerous lakes, wet meadows, and extensive subalpine grasslands. In the La Sal Mountains of southeastern Utah, montane grass-forb meadows are common with quaking aspen forests ... for cattle and sheep ranchers. Excessive stocking numbers on these once lush mountain meadows has resulted in widespread ecological degradation in many areas, predominantly from overgrazed plots ...

Meadows, contents
Meadows and Wet, or Water Meadows. Plants of Hay Meadows Pictures and information on typical plants of hay meadows. Plants of Water Meadows Pictures and information on typical plants of water meadows ...

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