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Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (EnPPA) - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
The MPCA and EPA agree that coordination will occur as appropriate over the course of the agreement period to avoid overlap and duplication of effort in addressing new issues and concerns as they arise. Furthermore, we recognize that this agreement does not encompass every agreement between the MPCA and EPA, and that some agreements and ...

MPCA beach monitoring program ends busy season 11/14 - Growth versus conservation on a Canadian moraine 11/14 - Ohio battles for its beachfront 11/12 - State and ... sought to address toxic air pollution 10/21 - EPA goes light on pollution sanctions 10/21 - Tiny ... and Indiana 9/27 - Ontario road-building controversy continues 9/27 - Bill in Congress would put harbor back in federal hands 9/26 - EPA ...

Mercury in Schools
Bowling Green State University, Ohio EPA District Offices (Division of Emergency and Remedial Response), Rader Environmental Services, and Toledo Environmental Services. The program involves ... Control Agency (MPCA) introduced Clancy, the agencys mercury-detecting dog, while unveiling a program to remove elemental mercury, mercury-containing chemicals and mercury-bearing equipment ...

Pollution Prevention in the Great Lakes Region
S. side of the Great Lakes is causing lasting harm and has to stop, environmentalists and local politicians say. MPCA: Lake Superior is not a washcloth for contaminated ship holds ... System (PCS) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) PCS is a national computerized management information system that automates entry, updating, and retrieval of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ( ...

Laws and Policies of the Great Lakes Region
Lakes is causing lasting harm and has to stop, environmentalists and local politicians say. MPCA: Lake Superior is not a ... and Rules Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ohio Division of Surface Water Policies and Guidance Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pennsylvania: Status of Legislation and Regulations and Policies Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection U.S. state and ... More from this site

School Health: Mercury in Schools: Environmental Health in Minnesota
School Health • Children's Environmental Health • School Influenza Update • Asthma • EPA: Healthy Schools • PCA: MN Healthy Schools • Environmental Health Home • Topic Index ... toxicologists are available to provide consultation to the MPCA and schools about mercury exposures and health risks. MDH also works closely with the MPCA to provide information to the public about preventing ...

Ask the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
See the MPCA's Lake Monitoring Program FAQ page for information about your lake and what you can do to protect and monitor your lake ... Hazardous Waste/EPA ID number is active. How do I find the status of my EPA ID number? A: Visit the MPCA's EPA ID Number ... reply to your question from the MPCA. So, please review the FAQs and links provided above for resources and answers to your questions before you ...

Hazardous Chemicals in the Environment: Weighing the Risks: Minnesota Dept. of Health
EPA. Go to > top. How does MDH determine which sites to evaluate? Each year MDH develops a work plan that includes a list of priority sites identified by ATSDR, MPCA, MDA, and EPA. We also respond to requests from local health departments and other health agencies, and from Minnesotans who are concerned about sites. Any ...

Clancy, the Mercury-Detecting Dog, Helps Make Schools Safe | Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) Newsroom | US EPA
MPCA) and a mercury-detecting dog more than 1,500 pounds of elemental mercury have been safely collected for recycling from Minnesota schools and kept out of the environment. MPCA educator Carol Hubbard and Clancy ... Strategic Plan Guide to Becoming a Partner Partnerships Outreach Initiatives What You Can Do Resources EPA Home Privacy and Security Notice Contact Us Jump to main content.

Mercury-Containing Bulb Collection and Recycling in Region 5 | Universal Waste | US EPA
Lamps Mercury-Containing Bulb (Lamp) Collection and Recycling Programs Region 5 Mercury-Containing Bulb Collection and Recycling in Region 5 Some links exit EPA Find recycling in: Illinois | Indiana | ... and hours of operation. Top of Page Minnesota Additional information for Minnesota MPCA: Guidance on how to handle and clean up broken fluorescent light bulbs (PDF) (2 pp, 74K, About PDF) MPCA ... More from this site

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