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Native Forests
New Zealand native forests need to be protected and looked after, they are important for lots of reasons… Home / Habitat – Forests are home to HEAPS of native species – ... protection of native forests. Native Forest Action... is an activist group that has lobbied the government for the protection of native forest, specifically the West Coast beech and rimu forests. ECO ...

Native Forests Map
Native Forests Map Native Forests | Lowland | Resources These three maps show the estimated native forest cover of New Zealand in 1000 AD, 1840 and 2001. The green areas are native forests. (Froude, Gibson & Carlin; Indigenous Forests ... More from this site

NATUREANDCO.COM - The Native Forests of New Zealand
Flora THE NATIVE FORESTS OF NEW ZEALAND Learn about: The distinctive character of New Zealand's native forests, Their unbroken lineage to the ancient forests of Gondwana, The various types of native forest in New Zealand, The impact of human activity on the native forests of ... - New Zealand Native Forests: Character
New Zealand Native Forests: Character New Zealand's native forests: Character Antiquity Types Human impact Podocarp broadleaf forest Beech forest Kauri forest Selected bibliography ... Regions Birds Marine mammals Sightseeing Tramping Bookstore Home>Land & Wildlife>Flora>Native Forests Character of the New Zealand native forest Sorry, this page is under re-construction Top of page Copyright ... More from this site

WWF - Problems: Introduction
Can Help News & Facts FAQ search Home > About WWF > What We Do > Forests > Problems Forests About Forests Problems Illegal logging Economic costs Social impacts Forest fires Forest conversion Orangutans ... old-growth forests and the replacement of natural forests and woodlands with single-species plantations that provide few of the environmental, ecological and social benefits of native forests. The ...

Conservation International - Projects
The project will restore 467 hectares of mixed-use native forests and sequester an estimated 167,000 tons of CO2 over its 30-year ... reduce deforestation by negotiating conservation agreements with local inhabitants who are encroaching on intact forests, planting native species on deforested areas, and designing agroforestry systems to expand tree cover and ...

DISCOVER TASMANIA'S - Forests Discover The Real Tasmania Discover Tasmanian Forests Slide changes every 20 seconds In Tasmania we have a tradition of excellence in the ... tribal aborigines to the Thylacine, our benchmarks are high, our aim is true. Replacing our native forests with plantations is our latest project. We will prevail.... the environment depends on us. SEE ...

The upshot has been a dramatic increase in native forests turned into woodchip and as the native forests disappear, plantations take their place. The great defence of the industry ... are replaced by two-week-old seedlings and native forests disappear under plantations. In financial 1999, loggers cleared 10,600 hectares of native and old-growth forest. In 2001, the figure ... More from this site

Global Forest Watch - Chile - Chile's Forests
Forests: Conserving a Global Treasure (PDF) Key Findings Although native forests still predominate in Chile, less than 45 percent of current forest cover remains as mature native forest. Fragmented stands of mature native forests ...

WWF - Forests for Life Programme resources
About WWF > What We Do > Forests > Resources Forests About Forests Problems Our Solutions What You Can Do News Resources Factsheets Newsletters Position Statements Photogallery Forests for Life Programme resources Publications | Factsheets ... high value plants and NTFPs A report on the the Himalayas' rich repository of native plants and high value nontimber forest products (NTFPs). It is a WWF Nepal ...

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