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Amphibia: Caudata (salamanders, newts, amphiuma, mudpuppies, waterdogs, sirens)
Caudate Database Entries (only entries with ... Newt Genus Pachytriton (Boulenger, 1878) Paddle-Tail Newts, Chinese Newts Pachytriton brevipes Paddle-Tail Newt Pachytriton labiatus Spotted Paddle-Tail Newt Pachytriton (types ...

Pachytriton (Boulenger, 1878) Paddle Tail Newts
Pachytriton (Boulenger, 1878) Paddle Tail Newts Pachytriton labiatus (Unterstain, 1930) Spotless Paddle Tail Newt Pachytriton brevipes (Sauvage, 1876) Spotted Paddle Tail Newt Pachytriton Types ABC(D) (David, 1873) Pachytriton ... More from this site

Typhlotriton AMPHIBIA/CAUDATA/PROTEIDAE Necturus Proteus AMPHIBIA/CAUDATA/SALAMANDRIDAE Cynops Notophthalmus Pachytriton Paramesotriton Pleurodeles Salamandra Taricha Triturus Tylototriton AMPHIBIA/CAUDATA/SIRENIDAE Siren Index ... acquired date unknown as a juvenile. Wild bred. At CINO, in Bowler 1977. Pachytriton brevipes Chinese Brook Newt PHIP ID # 400154 6 Years, 6 Months. Gender unknown ...

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