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Amphibia: Caudata (salamanders, newts, amphiuma, mudpuppies, waterdogs, sirens)
Caudate Database Entries (only entries with ... Newt Genus Pachytriton (Boulenger, 1878) Paddle-Tail Newts, Chinese Newts Pachytriton brevipes Paddle-Tail Newt Pachytriton labiatus Spotted Paddle-Tail Newt Pachytriton (types ...

Pachytriton (Boulenger, 1878) Paddle Tail Newts
Pachytriton (Boulenger, 1878) Paddle Tail Newts Pachytriton labiatus (Unterstain, 1930) Spotless Paddle Tail Newt Pachytriton brevipes (Sauvage, 1876) Spotted Paddle Tail Newt Pachytriton Types ABC(D) (David, 1873) Pachytriton ... More from this site

Swantje and Sven's Herps
(Occidozyga lima) two dwarf clawed frogs (Hymenochirus boettgeri) one paddletail newt (Pachytriton labiatus) one Japanese fire-bellied newt (Cynops pyrroghaster) We have also had a golden mystery snail ...

Paddletail Newt
Pachytriton sp. (Pachytriton A) with comments on the taxonomy of the genus. in Salamandra 2/97 The abstract of an article On the reproduction of Pachytriton labiatus a further evidence of parental care in the genus Pachytriton. in Salamandra 1/98 Back to Swantje and Sven's ... More from this site

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Salamander & Newt
Some species, like paddle-tail newts Pachytriton labiatus and male palmate newts Triturus helveticus, have fully webbed feet with very short toes to ...

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