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Appendices I Contact I Media I ANYTHING GOES? Report on PEFC Certified Finnish Forestry Introduction PEFC Certification in Finland The Aims of the Report Eastern and Northern Finland ... System System dominated by forestry Low level of commitment Poor criteria Poor criteria being poorly implemented Case studies: PEFC certified logging and logging plans MAP: The Forestry Centres mentioned ...

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Ikonen, certification specialist tel. +358-400-257 755 >>> Anything goes? More from this site

Forest certification in Finland: / Forest Finland management in Finland forest protection in Finland
PEFC certified destruction of red-listed species habitats: old-growth forests logged in Kainuu region. >>> Logging in Suomussalmi 25.1.2008 The PEFC, earlier known as Pan European Forest Certification, is a global forestry ...

Friends of the Earth: Biodiversity Links
PEFC-certificate from the perspective of Finnish environmental organisations. http ... Organization (FAO) of the UN UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Provides information ... Forest Stewardship Council - List of retailers selling certified garden furniture. ...

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Anything goes?

43 Saskia final draft
(SFM) and the role of forests and forestry in sustainable development…particularly organisations of forest owners should be encouraged in their development ... on PEFC certified land and the same forest owners associations who have been taking Saami people to court -thereby threatening the Saami culture- are involved in the creation of the PEFC ...

Finnish Nature League FNL: reports on old-growth clearcutting in Finland. Stora Enso, UPM-Kymmene, Vapo Timber, Kuhmo, Forest and Park Service, Finnish forestry
November 2000 Kainuu region: PEFC-certified old-growth destruction: Clearcut in valuable landscape area in Kuivajarvi / November 9 Southern Finland: PEFC-certified forestry: Forest and Park Service ... Ruostekorpi logging the key-biotope, telling misleading information to environment authorities - sustainable forestry by Forest and Park Service / September-November Kainuu region: Destruction of ...

PEFC-certified old-growth destruction in Finland, March 2001
PEFC-certified old-growth destruction in Finland, March 2001 Old-growth forest logging in Finnish state forests in March 2001: PEFC -certified old-growth destruction In March 2001, the Finnish state forestry enterprise ... are being logged. This forest has been certified according to the Pan-European Forest Certification Scheme PEFC as are 95% of Finnish forests. PEFC has been claimed to be a proof ... More from this site

PEFC - PEFC certified wood recommended by German Timber Procurement Policy
PEFC press releases PEFC Council assumes no responsibility for the content of the News produced by the PEFC National Governing Body or other organisations. 2007/01/31 PEFC Council PEFC certified wood ... certified forests. This is an area which is larger than the combined forest area of the European Union member states. PEFC has strong grass roots support from many stakeholders including the forestry ...

PEFC - PEFC certified timber availability increases significantly - USA and Canada SFI system achieves PEFC endorsement
PEFC Council PEFC certified timber availability increases significantly - USA and Canada SFI system achieves PEFC endorsement The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has gained international recognition by the PEFC ... More from this site

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