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Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Habitats & Gardens Guide for BOA
Eating Plants The largest collection of insect-eating plants in Ireland and Britain is on display in our Flytraps greenhouse. Inside you will see active and passive insect eating plants. Plants that move to trap prey include Venus Fly Trap, Sundew, Butterwort and Bladderwort. Plants that attract prey but do not move include tropical and temperate Pitcher Plants and the ...

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Fen Campaign
Britain and Ireland. I began with a visit to the Sarracenia Nurseries in London, where 100 Sarracenia pitcher plants were donated. From here I travelled to Oxfordshire to collect another 150+ plants ... way to a drift of glistening sundews. These make way for a diverse array of pitcher plants of many shapes, sizes and colours. Amongst these passive killers grow bog species like bog ... More from this site

Maryland Native Plant Society: Bibliography
It has a section on carnivorous plants (such as the sundews and pitcher plants) as well as one on the propagation of ferns. It points out the alien origin of the few non-native plants ...

Clyde Butcher - Black and White Fine Art Photographer
Anderson's * Journal #2 - Means Creek ~ Torreya State Park * Journal #3 ~ Searching for Pitcher Plants * Journal #4 ~ John Spohrer and the Lower River * Journal #5 ~ Adventures with Richard Bickel * Journal ...

Maryland Native Plant Society: Sources of Native Plants for the Middle Atlantic Region
We supply to wholesale and retail nurseries, landscaping contractors and developers. No individual retail mail order. Botanique Nursery Robert Sacilotto 387 Pitcher Plant Lane Stanardsville, VA 22973 Website: E-mail: Specializing in carnivorous plants. Visits for retail ...

EEK! - Vegetation Fascination - The Dune Thistle
I thought they were just weeds?" This threatened thistle, called "Pitcher's" thistle, is not the common pest found in farms and gardens, it lives in ... Service has organized a dune thistle recovery team made up of botanists (people who study plants) and conservationists to help find ways to protect the dune thistle. What can you do ...

Threatened and Endangered Plants
Endangered Plants Threatened, Endangered, or Sensitive Species Threatened and Endangered Plants American hart's - tongue fern Asplenium scolopendrium var. americana Status: Threatened Status cause: Habitat ... and dolomite. * RANGE MAPS The Nature Conservancy's Element Stewardship Abstract Back to Top Pitcher's thistle Cirsium pitcheri Status: Threatened. Status cause: Loss of habitat due to human ...

Range map for Pitcher's Thistle.
Pitcher's Thistle. Threatened, Endangered, or Sensitive Species Range map for Pitcher's Thistle. Larger downloadable images are available in GIF format below. File Name Format Resolution Size pitcher.gif GIF ... More from this site

Lawn & Garden - Gardening & Plants
Carnivorous Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle' $4.99 Superthrive Plant Vitamins Hormones 1 Pint All Organic $33.95 Odontonema strictum - Red Firespike $3.99 10 Blackberry Plants - Organic - No ... Wall Planter NEW $15.99 HARMLESS Rodent Rat Squirrell Repellent Strobe Light $24.99 Carnivorous Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes 'Judith Finn' $7.49 Orchid. Cattleya. Pot. Haw Yuan Gold "YK#2" $ ...

Lawn & Garden - Plants, Seeds, Bulbs
Mix Seeds "Bulk" $0.99 NEW Exotic Gorgeous Thai Linda Plumeria Seeds $5.00 Carnivorous Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes 'Judith Finn' $7.49 Thai Plumeria Frangipani Seeds ( Reanredee ) $0.99 Orchid. ... Carnivorous Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle' $4.99 ### Bulb CRINUM LATIFOLIUM Amaryllis Plant + Phyto Cert $9.90 DWARF BAMBOO BONSAIIN CUSTOM POT-HUGE 1 DAY BONSAI SELL $25.00 Carnivorous Plants - ' ... More from this site

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