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Primate Quiz
Primate Quiz Support the Zoo by donating now or joining the Zoo Society! Learn More Primate Quiz 1. Primates differ from other mammals in that they have hands and fingers mostly live ...

Spider Monkey
Support the Zoo by donating now or joining the Zoo Society! Learn More Spider Monkey Primate Quiz Read about monkeys as pets See photos of the flooded exhibit enrichment. Scientific name: ... if habitat is limited, hunting pressure light and other primate competitors are not present. They are more flexible than their South American primate cousins in habitat adaptation. BEHAVIOR: Spider monkeys live ... More from this site

Multimedia Guide to NHPs
... authors also seem to have relied heavily on several general primate text books and edited volumes as the sources for their ... little value for teaching or self-learning - a more useful quiz facility would have included questions about ecology, behaviour, taxonomy etc.. ... might be useful for students who have no prior knowledge of primate distribution, ecology or behaviour, and who wish to learn to ...

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
Internet resources, notably Primate Info Net and some of its key sites, including Primate-Jobs, Careers in Primatology, Primate-Science and the International Directory of Primatology. Hamel ... Primatology, ILAR Journal, 1987. He is also the author of The New York Times Trivia Quiz Book and co-author of Star Trek Crosswords, among several other puzzle books. Hamel worked ...

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