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bauxite (aluminium ore) mining operations Mining Technology
US$1bn. Its capacity could also be trebled by 2019. GEOLOGY AND RESERVES Bauxite deposits are found across much of western and central Guinea, having been formed by ... , aluminium-rich rocks. The deposits are typically close to the surface. Proven reserves total some 2,300Mt with additional probable reserves of 18,600Mt, most of which contains between 40% and 50% aluminium ...

Gold Fields Ltd Gold Mine Mining Technology
Annual production ... probable reserves within the exiting mine infrastructure totalled 55.6Mt at a grade of 5.9g/t gold, containing 14.1Moz of gold. A further 31Mt of probable reserves at 8.2g/t lie below the existing infrastructure (deper than 3,420m below surface), containing an additional 8.3Moz of gold. The mine's total proven and probable reserves ... More from this site

Caspian Sea Oil Reserves • The Coming Global Oil Crisis
Caspian country's shelf contained more significant reserves or whether its potential has been overestimated. "Exxon's block is currently the only ... Department estimated that the Caspian region's possible oil reserves could reach 178 billion barrels, ... [But] several independent consulting firms now place total probable reserves in the Caspian region at about one- ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
Table 1), they themselves stand to gain some millions in US dollars in terms of probable carbon profits (see Table 2). Table 1: Rent expenses for Norwegian companies Company Planted concession ... amounts of water to grow and hence such plantations can result in depletion of groundwater reserves thereby disturbing the ecological balance in the area. Tree Farms recently briefed the Norwegian foreign ...

Rat Eradication
It is probable that they have destroyed whole populations of Cobb’s Wren, ... Outer and Double Islands, off West Falkland (Falklands Conservation nature reserves) and from Top and Bottom Islands, which lie close to ... further eradication programmes on four more of our island nature reserves (South West Horse, Cat, Inner North West Island and North ...

North Island Nature Reserve
Conservation by the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. North Island: From the Air It is probable that this Island has remained inviolate throughout the period of man's settlement of the ... and Striated Caracara (Johnny Rook). North Island: Rockhopper Penguins (Photo: R. White) Return to Nature Reserves? Contact us? Return to Index? Falklands Conservation UK Charity 1073859 Patron: HRH The Duke of ... More from this site

Oil&gas and environment facts
OPEC Member Countries. ... estimates are the newly released USGS estimates. The USGS 95 percent probable value is 2,248 billion barrels (meaning there is a 19 ... world's largest proven crude oil reserves? Countries that have the world's largest proven crude oil reserves are (1996): Saudi Arabia (261,444 ...

SCS: Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)
The Norwegian government commented that ... Convention. The species is also protected through legislation and nature reserves by various countries within its range. The hunting of grey ... the rookery until it has fully moulted, living off its blubber reserves, and eventually goes to sea to start feeding, usually about ...

2007 IUCN Red List – Search
Use of land by polar bears during the ... may be forced on shore for extended periods and rely on fat reserves deposited the previous spring for survival. In such a situation they ... ranging from oil spills to increased human-bear interactions. It is probable that an oil spill in sea ice habitat would result in ..., Amazon Info - Save, preserve and protect Amazon Basin rainforest for free
Foundation (Fundacion Jocotoco) through donations to the World Land Trust. (Birdlife International also supports these reserves.) The Jocotoco Antpitta (Grallaria ridgelyi) is a rare and poorly known species first discovered in ... of bird (the Black-headed Antbird) is known to occur at Sabalillo, and it is probable that several more undescribed forms occur. The aquatic fauna is also very diverse, and ...

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