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Many of the policies described in this section represent efforts which can be effective at the local level, like buy-recycled purchasing policies, support for green building, ... interests grows. Resources: Several examples of model policies and resolutions are located on the CD-rom available from CRRA. planning | policies | resources | zero waste toolkit | links to other websites ...

Zero Waste CRRA Home Page Contact us Waste Prevention and Recycled-Content Purchasing Policies: Establishing policies to reduce the amount of waste generated and to close the recycling loop by ... cost of installation in three years or less. Purchasing policies can cover an even broader array of products and materials, whether purchasing occurs primarily through a central agency or through ... More from this site

Government Purchasing Project
Purchasing Project Government Purchasing Project NEW State of Wood Survey Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policies Federal Government State Government Local Government Green Building Federal Executive ... Purchasing, please read our factsheet (pdf file). GPP currently focuses on promoting wood reduction procurement policies and practices in all levels of government, such as buy-recycled policies ...

Government Purchasing Project
Purchasing Policies EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) EPP's Documents lists a number of publications on government purchasing practices Of particular interest is EPP's Final Guidance on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing ... More from this site

International Green Purchasing Congress 2006
Benefits for the public and private sectors of establishing green purchasing networks and implementing green purchasing strategies/initiatives Proven methods for implementing green purchasing ...

Palomar College | Business Services
FACULTY/STAFF Auxiliary Services Mailroom Print Services Risk Management Notices FAQs Purchasing Purchasing processes approximately 7,000 requisitions each year. Small orders are extremely ... be helpful: Quick Reference Guide - An overview of purchasing procedures. Purchasing Services Manual - Detailed information on purchasing policies and procedures. Commodity List Tutorials: Find a Requisition ...

Reduce, Reuse, Refill!--Policies
Reuse, Refill!--Policies Policies to Promote Refillable Beverage Containers Prepared by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Washington, D.C. Policies are what have driven the success and preservation of refilling ... -return system, a system in which consumers pay a deposit for the containers when purchasing beverages and receive a refund of the deposit when they return the containers. Most ...

About HHMI: Scientific Research : Research Policies
Our Services Staff Directory Purchasing Research Policies Public Access Publishing Laboratory Safety OGC Staff MTA Host Assignments Host Institution Assignments Publications Research Policies The Howard Hughes Medical ... 21.2008) Back to Top Other Policies for HHMI Investigators Investigator Laboratories at Institutions Other than the Host Institution The policies in this group apply to HHMI ...

About HHMI: Purchasing
Staff Directory Purchasing Research Policies Public Access Publishing Laboratory Safety OGC Staff MTA Host Assignments Host Institution Assignments Publications Purchasing "Doing Business with HHMI" describes the general procurement policies of ... programs and the location of the nearest OAS, please send E-mail to or call (301) 215-8977. Thank you for your continuing interest ... More from this site

Restoring the Balance in the Murray-Darling Basin Program (water entitlement purchasing)
Macquarie-Bogan Rivers catchment has been combined with the Gwydir River catchment, and purchasing information for the New South ... Water research and data Murray-Darling Basin Living Murray Initiative Water over-allocation Policies and programmes Sustainable yields Restoring the Balance in the MDB Program Water resource ...

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