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Bush Reduces Dolphin Protection to Increase Tuna Harvest
Eastern Tropical Pacific by large purse seine vessels can be labeled dolphin safe even if dolphins are encircled, so long as an ... method. Under the International Dolphin Conservation Program (IDCP), fishers were required to change their purse seine fishing methods, and since the 1980s, confirmed dolphin mortalities have dropped to about 2, ...

Office of International Affairs - International Agreements
ETP to the United States. Because purse seine vessels in excess of 400 short tons carrying capacity harvest ... export yellowfin tuna and yellowfin tuna products harvested by purse seine vessels in the ETP to the United States. Because purse seine vessels in excess of 400 short tons carrying capacity harvest ...

NOAA Fisheries Feature
International Dolphin Conservation Program by Mexican-flag purse seine vessels or purse seine vessels operating under Mexican jurisdiction to be imported into the United ... in compliance with the International Dolphin Conservation Program by Ecuadorian-flag purse seine vessels, or purse seine vessels operating under Ecuadorian jurisdiction to be imported into the United ... More from this site

Greenpeace Foundation: Dolphin Alert
ETP purse seine fishery. In all other tuna fisheries, true incidental take may ... catching the tuna in the can; it meant that the purse seine encirclement of dolphins [or drift nets] was not used. This fishing ... under this agreement, monitors must be on board all tuna fishing vessels, and this is proving to help document the reduction in dolphin ...

Greenpeace Foundation: Dolphin Alert
U.S. and foreign vessels to legally kill them. Further, the five groups -- despite their professed adherence to the ... safe for dolphins. There are numerous impacts from tuna purse seine nets on dolphins. The chase by helicopters and speed boats, capture in purse seine nets, and release of dolphins is a traumatic, ... More from this site

NCMC Conservation News - Gulf of California Sardine Fishery Considered for Sustainability Label
The Gulf of California sardine fishery, which deploys a fleet of purse-seine vessels out of Guaymas and Yavaros, Mexico, targets Pacific sardine and Pacific thread herring - two critically ...

Gold Seal - Harvesting Wild Salmon
Purse Seine, and Troll Whether caught by purse seine, gillnet or troll, the salmon is maintained in prime condition, by means of icing or in refrigerated circulating sea water, prior to delivery to transport vessels ... back out. On average 23% of all commercially harvested salmon are gillnet caught. top Purse Seine A purse seine is a net which is set in the water and then pulled into a circle ...

Gold Seal - Processing Wild Salmon
Catching & Transporting The salmon are typically caught using large seine boats equipped with a purse seine net, and are transported to the cannery by the boats in refrigerated sea ... . Heat Processing The buggies of cans are loaded into large double-ended retorts (steam pressure vessels) which are first “vented” (purged of all entrapped air and pre-warmed) for a ... More from this site

EJF: Impacts of bycatch
Unfortunately, these vessels are often less selective than their predecessors. ... the Eastern Tropical Pacific - ETP). The capture of dolphins that were deliberately targeted in tuna purse-seine nets in the Eastern Pacific Ocean caused an outcry when first brought to pubic ...

EJF: Why an International Plan of Action (IPOA) on bycatch reduction?
Management actions - For example, setting bycatch limits for individual vessels and rewarding fishermen who succeed in reducing bycatch ... More from this site

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