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Housatonic Rain Garden
Rain Garden [Return to River Walk Home Page] RIVER WALK RAIN GARDEN At the Church Street entrance to River Walk, we have created a "rain garden" to demonstrate how natural systems like wetlands can help ... stormwater containing road salt, oil and sediments substantially degrades the Housatonic in developed areas. The garden is intended to divert some of this runoff into the shallow man-made wetland ...

Housatonic Rain Garden
Housatonic Rain Garden [Return to River Walk Home Page] RIVER WALK NATIVE PLANTS [Return to Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines] [Return to Native Herbaceaus Plants and 'Native Natives'] [Return to W. E. B. More from this site

Huron Pines > Stormwater Rain Gardens Planted to Help Protect the Au Sable
Rain Garden basins are also welcome to do so, in order to customize the appearance to meet individual landowner preferences. To help identify the rain garden sites and explain the project, small signs may be used in several of the basins. Many of the Rain ... them as plants are being established. Once established, the Rain Gardens are very low maintenance. The Grayling Stormwater Project ...

Huron Pines > Grayling Rain Gardens
Need Your Help! If you live in the Grayling rain garden neighborhood or if a rain garden has been constructed near where you live, ... rain garden. Those young plants are thirsty! Weeding—if you’re weeding your flower beds or just walking by and see weeds overtaking a rain garden, pull a few. Picking up litter—if you see papers or other trash in a rain garden, pick ... More from this site

Designing a Rain Garden | CMHC
CMHC for Aboriginal Corporate Information > Newsroom > Ready-to-Use Articles > 2008 > Designing a Rain Garden Designing a Rain Garden How to Improve Stormwater Management in Your Yard Whether it's melting snow ... stormwater normally accumulates in your yard, and place your rain garden at a low point along that natural flow. Make sure your rain garden is as level as possible, to prevent water ...

06/25-Rain gardens seen as key to cutting pollution
Johnson would like it if every yard in Superior had a rain garden. The ideal size depends on the size of the house and ... are building water gardens these days -- small pools or ponds -- but a rain garden is different. It's not designed to hold water or goldfish; ... water bills. On the other side of town, Jan Murphy loves her rain garden. She built it seven years ago when she built J.W. Beecroft ...

How you can help salmon - lawn & garden
Resources & background information Salmon Information Center (external link) Home & garden tips Tips for lawn and garden Pesticides and weedkillers create serious problems when they enter lakes, wetlands ... days and never near lakes or streams or when rain threatens. ... more information about safe gardening & pest control Water your treated garden or yard carefully. Too much watering will ...

ManyTracks - Organic Garden 2004 with Sue Robishaw
September. Ah, the joys of gardening in the north. At the end of August the garden ... what a treat! And the garden crops responded with unprecedented ripening. You could stand in the garden and hear it ... good batch of delicious cider. # # # Back to Garden Main Page Back to Top For more gardening and homesteading information ...

Our Garden
It's Our Garden. It's OUR GARDEN A Homeowner's Guide To Organic Growing BY Elizabeth ... Indoors and Out The Natural Family The Little Garden that Could Part 1 The Little Garden that Could Part 2 Planters and Container Gardening ... Sow and Grow,Starting A Child's Garden Winter Care For Your Herb Garden Why Do You Garden Organically ,Or Should? Pre-Soaking Your Seeds ...

Your Winter Herb Garden
Garden copyright o 1994 GROWING" Your Winter Herb Garden You can start some herbs from seed in late summer. Best to ... will make for unhealthy plants. Choose the soil for your indoor herb garden carefully. and for a good soil mix blend 1 part potting soil ... and wash off residues the next day. Treat your herbs like a mini-garden, hold back on the water and organic fertilizer through December, but when ... More from this site

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