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Directional Lamps Incandescent reflector lamps (R-lamps) used in recessed downlights and track lights have also been affected by EPACT. The best alternatives are halogen ... offer several options. Retrofit kits can convert many fixtures from incandescent to fluorescent, including downlights and surface-mounted fixtures. In a pinch, you could even replace R-lamps ...

ESB: Efficient Kitchen Lighting
Recessed lights above counters can also provide good task light. If you install recessed lights in an insulated ceiling, you ... can be used efficiently. Avoid Perils of Recessed Downlights Recessed downlights are popular in kitchens because of their relatively unobtrusive appearance. Typical recessed fixtures create a large hole in the ceiling ... More from this site

eceee: Session 7. Efficient domestic lighting: design and marketing
Panel leaders: Marco Kavelaars Energy-efficient design alternatives to residential recessed downlights Peter Banwell, US Environmental Protection Agency, USAMariana Figueiro, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA The European design ...

Recessed Luminaires | Builders Guide | Residential Lighting | Lighting Transformations | LRC
Recessed Luminaires Two types of recessed luminaires fit attractively into homes. Round recessed downlights are called cans and high-hats. Downlights called troffers are larger square or rectangular downlights ...

Energy Efficient Residential Lighting | Lighting Transformations | Programs | LRC
Residential Lighting Builders Guide to Home Lighting General Advice Architectural Luminaires Recessed Luminaires Ceiling and Wall-Mounted Exterior Luminaires Controls Information Photo Gallery ... Worksheet NLPIP Online Information on screwbase compact fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent downlights, reflector lamps, occupancy sensors, photosensors and more. Residential New Construction View ... More from this site

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