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Congressional Meetings - Restore Hetch Hetchy
Hetch Hetchy. Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) receives a Bierstadt poster of Hetch Hetchy from Restore Hetch Hetchy representatives (April 8, 2005) Left to right: Jerry Meral, Fifth Officer, Restore Hetch Hetchy; Congressman Costa; and Ron Good, Executive Director, Restore Hetch Hetchy. Congressman ...

Hetch Hetchy in the News - Restore Hetch Hetchy
Hetch Hetchy Valley, let's reward Lungren for his "demonstrated virtue." March, 2007 It is time to restore Hetch Hetchy by Congressman Dan Lungren Sacramento Bee, (March 30, 2007) "The restoration of Hetch Hetchy ... More from this site

Chronology of the Life and Legacy of John Muir - from his birth to the present day (1914-2002) - John Muir Exhibit
U.S. Congressman Muir dictates his autobiography, as a guest of Edward H. Harriman, at Pelican Bay, Oregon (on Klamath Lake) Muir continues the battle for Hetch Hetchy. 1909 April ... Fall, 2001. (off-site link) Indiana State Historical Marker Program (off-site link) Restore Hetch Hetchy publishes a documentary video Hetch Hetchy: Yosemite's Lost Valley to promote a win-win solution for restoring ...

River Activists are Patriots!, Martha Marks
But rivers have a powerful call that goes ... was the drowning of the Tuolumne River in Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Valley. Can you imagine? They dammed a river inside an existing ... gathering of river lovers and activists. John Saylor was a congressman who grew up in the Allegheny hardwood region of Johnstown, Pennsylvania ...

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