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Whale Watching Information on the World-Wide-Web
Day Whale Watching Tour. Whale Watching in Western Australia i OVERSEAS & WHALE WATCH EQUIPMENT Richard Roshon -A Private Kayak Experience and the Whales, Hawaii Whale Watching Directory USA A comprehensive list ... Environmental & Sustainability Speakers Bureau
Corey Freed Gil Friend Our Newest Speakers _______________________ Speakers: G - M Medard Gabel Richard Gertman Jack Giampalmi Stephen Goddard Nathan Good Eban Goodstein Pamela Gordon David ... Perlin Linda Breen Pierce Pepper Provenzano William G. Reed Richard Register Richard Renner Joel Robertson Jack Robinson Betsy Rosenberg Richard Roshon Rob Roy Thomas Rymsza Gary Schoennauer John Seed Joe ... Speakers on Water Protection and Conservation
See Rob Caughlan, David Helvarg, Pete McCloskey, Ross Klein, Richard Roshon, Chris Maser, Dune Lankard, Roger Ballentine, Kate Troll, and Wil Burns. River & Lake Protection & ... and protecting ocean ecosystems go hand-in-hand. See David Helvarg, Wil Burns, and Richard Roshon. Dam Construction & Removal. The construction or removal of a dam is often a hot ... More from this site

Dedicated Cetacean Organisations
Casio's G-SHOCK and Baby-G wristwatch products (Casio Computer Co., Ltd.). Richard Roshon "Man, Kayak and the Whale" is a human-interest program emphasizing the fragility of not ... to campaign for the declaration of Irish territorial waters as a whale and dolphin sanctuary. Richard O'Barry - The Dolphin Project The Dolphin Project was established on Earth Day 1970 and ...

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