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Department for Transport - Road freight
Freight Freight facilities grants Carriage of dangerous goods Rail freight Road freight Water freight Newsletters Research Sustainable distribution Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund Archive Best practice programme Email contacts Introduction to freight Railways Regional and local transport Road ...

Department for Transport - Freight
Road freight Information relating to aspects of road transportation of freight are contained here. Water freight Information relating to transportation of freight ... More from this site

Transport | Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
New Zealand. Rail and coastal shipping also offer greater energy efficiency and safety than road freight. Green transport solutions will provide a wide range of benefits - environmental, health and cultural. Local ...

GreenTruck: Front Page
Reducing Idling Emissions Anyone who has driven on interstate ... I Storm Water Program includes an industrial storm water permitting component. VIDEO SPOTLIGHT On the Road to Clean Air 10 Tips for Truckers and the Environment Bush Signs Small Business ...

GreenTruck: Fleet Owner Article [Fuel for Thought]
In fact ... More from this site

Partnerships | US EPA
SmartWay Transport partners improve their energy efficiency, save money, reduce ... A to Z Subject Index. Local Navigation Overview: Pollutants & Programs Consumer Information On-road Vehicles & Engines Nonroad Engines, Equipment & Vehicles Fuels & Fuel Additives Partnerships State & Local ...

John and Nancy Jack Todd - The Restoration Of Waters
Earth, a quarterly cousin to IC. (Subscriptions are only $10/year from 10 Shanks Pond Road, Falmouth, MA 02540). John and Nancy also founded Ocean Arks International, their current organizational base ... wander under the water with zero gravity. At night, weight comes down on me like freight, under the moon, surrounded by innocent cries of depravity. Green noon, filtered through bubbles and ...

David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change : Transportation
Canada. At the same time, freight has shifted from fuel-efficient rail to gas-guzzling trucks. Vehicle fuel efficiency standards have ... an enormous increase in fuel use at higher speeds. Encourage the movement of freight by rail rather than by road, as rail is much more fuel efficient. Encourage Canadians to consider a ...

David Suzuki Foundation
Kyoto targets. For example, reducing the road transportation of freight and encouraging the use of railroads will reduce road expansion costs, road damage and air pollution. Increased funding for public transportation ... More from this site

Helcom : Clean Seas Guide
... ) a discharge or probable discharge of harmful substances in packaged form, including those in freight containers, portable tanks, road and rail vehicles and shipborne barges; or c) damage, failure or breakdown of ...

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