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Seabirds at Sea Team Report
Agnew et al. (2000), which used seabird mortality as the response variable. Those trials suggested that seabird mortality was significantly reduced by increasing line weighting from ... a comprehensive cyclical schedule of data collection and research to quantify and reduce (mitigate) seabird bycatch by longliners and trawlers operating in Falkland Islands waters and Falkland Islands flagged ...

Warrah Issue 15 Highlights
In 1997 the FAO's Committee on Fisheries (COFI) agreed to hold a consultation on Reduction of Incidental Catch of Seabirds in Longline Fisheries. A Seabird Technical ... Svein Lokkeborg, have written a monograph for the FAO that describes longline fishing and fisheries, seabird bycatch on a global scale and recommended mitigation measures. The FAO intends to publish the ... More from this site

NOAA Fisheries Feature
Bycatch? National Bycatch Strategy Recent Regulatory Actions Fisheries Recent Regulatory Actions Protected Resources International Activities Research and Monitoring Reports and Articles Regional Bycatch Summaries Related Laws Meetings Bycatch Reduction Presentations Bycatch ... States addresses seabird bycatch in its own longline fisheries and addresses the issue of seabird bycatch internationally in ...

Welcome to Forest and Bird
New Zealand fisheries. (See Media Release and Feature Article) New regulations for seabird mitigation measures are being developed by the New ... Bird is urging the Minister to rapidly move away from the voluntary framework for managing seabird bycatch currently in place in New Zealand. We recommend that regulations for mandatory measures should ...

Division of Migratory Bird Management, Bird Conservation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Partners in Flight, FAO Consultation on Reduction of Incidental Catch of Seabirds in Longline Fisheries
Bird Management Bird Conservation Table of Contents Partners in Flight Duck Stamp FAO Consultation on Seabird Bycatch Fatal Light Awareness Program(FLAP) National Wildlife Refuge System North American Waterfowl Management Plan Western ...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Migratory Bird Management, FAO Consultation on Reduction of Incidental Catch of Seabirds in Longline Fisheries.
Guidelines for measures to reduce seabird bycatch ... More from this site

Office of International Affairs - International Bycatch
Bycatch Services Current Challenges Seabirds International Seabird Initiative NMFS Alaska Region: Program to Reduce Seabird Incidental Take in Longline Fisheries This site is quite extensive and has links to U.S. and International Seabird Bycatch ...

Save the Albatross
Chilean wildlife. His role will to be to work with fishermen to reduce seabird bycatch and to prepare outreach material for South American vessels. Last updated: 8 July 2008 ... Barry Watkins Background: Barry has previously worked with the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology on seabird biology. He recently managed a toothfish fishery and visited two of his boyhood dream ...

Save the Albatross
Number of breeding pairs remaining: 9,188 PETRELS AND SHEARWATERS Several other seabird species are also threatened by longline fishing. Breeding pairs remaining in the world*: ... bycatch specimens, although tracking studies are now underway. Results indicate that they are far more wide-ranging than shy albatrosses, and white-capped albatross form a significant percentage of seabird bycatch ... More from this site

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Seafood Watch Program - How Fish are Caught or Farmed
Trawlers (such as U.S. shrimpers) can reduce bycatch by adding turtle excluder devices and bycatch reduction devices to their nets, which allow ...

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