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Fish and Wildlife Service
Endangered Species Program is the U.S. co-chair for the subgroup Shared Species Working Table. Any U.S. Federal agency planning to undertake endangered species ... communication for conservation and recovery efforts for shared species. Report on cooperative recovery efforts for 10 shared species "Conserving Borderline Species." North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC ...

Plants For A Future: Species Database
Future: Species Database Back to Plants For A Future home page Database Intro Search Page. ... the same kind. In particular we would appreciate that any information added is shared with us so that we can keep the main data source as up ... Database Intro Search Page. Plant information taken from the Plants For A Future - Species Database. Copyright (c) 1997-2003. Last Update: June 2003 WEB search engine by ...

SCS: New Zealand Fur Seal (Arctocephalus forsteri)
Australia, with only a very limited exchange of individuals between these countries. New Zealand: The species is found at many locations around New Zealand's rocky coastline, mostly on the southern ... licence in January 2000 to shoot New Zealand fur seals and Australian fur seals which shared his fishing grounds around Montague Island. Officials said however that there was very little chance ...

Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes on Aquatic Nuisance Species - February 2004.
Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes on Aquatic Nuisance Species - February 2004. Western Regional Panel Executive Committee Minutes Thursday, February 12, 2004 NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY, ... the west coast of Canada, 4) eradicating an infestation of Spartina found in US/Canada shared waters, 5) creating a rapid assessment using experts in the Puget Sound/Georgia Basin, and ...

Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes on Aquatic Nuisance Species - May 2004.
It may change how we look at “non-invasive nonnative species.” Al suggested that we set a tone of positive action and ... asked for a one page synopsis of the Resolution that could be shared with governors in their states. Tina will present the resolution to ... in Mexico. Perhaps we could partner with them and have an invasive species component to their meeting. Susan and Tina will follow up with ... More from this site

Endangered Species and Ecosystems - Glossary
Species and Ecosystems Explorer CONTACTS Feedback Contact Information Ministry of Environment Endangered Species and Ecosystems Glossary This glossary is shared by the Endangered Species and Ecosystems, Conservation Data Centre and BC Species ... . Exotic species are also known as alien species, foreign species, introduced species, non-indigenous species and non-native species. Exotic species are ...

Endangered Species and Ecosystems - Legislation
Within Canada, the implementation and administration of CITES are shared among federal and ... species in Canada. Species at Risk Act (SARA) SARA is pending federal legislation that aims to protect species at risk from becoming extinct or lost from the wild. It will cover all wildlife species ... More from this site

Environment Probe Campaigns - Saving Canada's endangered species (1999)
"The cost of species conservation should be shared by all Canadians and not borne only by a small group of landowners, ... and ensure that they do not maintain habitat that might attract endangered species. Worse, those who discover endangered species on their lands may simply "shoot, shovel, and shut up." Fortunately, ...

Endangered Species - Spot-Tailed Quolls (Tiger Quolls)
They have a similar diet to foxes, eating marsupials, reptiles, birds, rats and ... ", although recent DNA studies indicate that the Victorian and Tasmanian Quolls could possibly be different species, which means that they would be even more rare, and should perhaps be listed as ... - Proposed listing of sharks species / CITES at CoP11
We found the data presented in the supporting statements ... .4. Proponents are clearly concerned about possible conservation problems with all three species, but none of the species are threatened with extinction or likely to become threatened under current ...

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