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East Gippsland Forest Actions & Events
Long Footed Potoroo and Spot Tailed Quoll. Two tree sits are set up and stopping logging. More... Click here for other Bonang ... Events 2001 Dingo Ck & Goolengook blockades Click here for photos of Sellers Rd blockade, 2001 Quoll Blockade Busted 8 Feb 2001 Howard gets Mooned Survey Rd Blockade Goongerah Gathering 12-15 ...

Endangered Species - Spot-Tailed Quolls (Tiger Quolls)
Species - Spot-Tailed Quolls (Tiger Quolls) Spot-Tailed Quolls (Tiger Quolls) The Spot-tailed Quoll, or Tiger Quoll, is Australia's largest carnivorous marsupial, growing up to a metre long and with some ... in Tasmania. The Western Quoll used to cover 70% of the mainland, but is now restricted to isolated pockets in the South-West of Western Australia. The Spot-tailed Quoll used to exist all ... More from this site

Letters and Articles published on Forest Issues - March 1999 to December 2000
Cumberland River headwaters near Lorne, one of the last refugees for the endangered spot-tailed quoll in the Otways. 20/3/2000 State defends forest rezoning Claire Miller, Environment Reporter ... quoll Claire Miller, Environment Reporter The Age (article) Clear-fell logging and poison baiting of introduced animals must be stopped if the State Government is serious about saving spot-tailed ...

Letters and Articles on Forest Issues - 7/9/97 onwards (number 71 -> )
For example, a reserve for the rare Spot-tailed Quoll in East Gippsland's Yalmy region was given to the ... of no known value. It was one of only a handful of quoll reserves known to contain the carnivorous marsupial, but planners were ... quantities to be maintained. For example, a reserve for the rare Spot-tailed Quoll in East Gippsland's Yalmy region was given to the ... More from this site

Spot-tailed Quoll
Spot-tailed Quoll What future for the spot-tailed quoll? The spot-tailed quoll is found along the east coast of Australia, from Queensland through to Victoria and Tasmania. ... Action Statement on spot-tailed quoll contains all measures required to halt its slide to extinction. Request that the Government immediately exclude logging from all Quoll habitat areas, halt baiting from all quoll habitat and ...

GEEG Glen Eira Environment Group Home Page
Cleaning without harming the environment Environment Officer needed for Glen Eira Forests Help save the spot-tailed quoll Forests Native Help save our Old Growth Glen Eira's public open space Glen Eira ... More from this site

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