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Marine Conservation French Polynesia - against shark finning trade
French Polynesia - against shark finning trade Appeal Against the shark fin trade in French Polynesia For the creation of the world’s first shark sanctuary Click Here for Word Document A ... Underwater Picture, we organised a meeting with people who want to act for the shark protection. There were tour operators, journalists, famous marine photographers (Amos Nachoum, Kurt Amsler), biologists, ... - anti-Shark Fin Soup campaign led by WildAid
Shark Fin Soup campaign led by WildAid SEARCH MAINPAGE SHARKS "Save The Shark" Campaign Launched, Facts Ignored Extremists Make Poor Champions of Sharks or of The World In Search of Credibility & Cooperation in Shark ... is decrying the shark fin soup industry because of the great value placed on shark fins. At the same time, the WildAid literature says the market for shark fins is threatening poor ... - anti-Shark Fin Soup campaign led by WildAid
It strains the imagination to believe that destitute shark ... More from this site

Fingerprinting a bowl of Shark Fin Soup
Fingerprinting a bowl of Shark Fin Soup

Shark DNA Forensics and Fin Trade Research
Using these forensic approaches, GHRI and its research partners (S. Clarke, Imperial College, UK, and the Wildlife Conservation Society) are conducting a survey of the world’s largest shark fin market in Hong Kong. This survey is aimed at establishing relationships between trade categories for fins and the shark species from which the fins were ...

Great White Shark: Outlook
WildAID is actively working alongside Asian conservationists to educate Chinese citizens and others about the trouble with shark fin soup. Mahmood Shivji at Guy Harvey Research Institute uses DNA to nab illegal shark fin traders, including cases involving the great white. ...

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - In the News
Little is known about the basking shark's biology, habits and population. But what ... off Santa Barbara. Shark fin soup, a popular delicacy, has been blamed for similar attacks on other shark species. Slow-moving, they ... pollution and climate changes, said Dr. John McCosker, a leading shark researcher with the California Academy of Sciences. "A creature ...

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - Research - Methods
Upon allowing the shark to bite ... shark tagged by PSRF staffers during the summer of 2000 was recovered less than 600 miles off the coast of Japan by a commercial long-lining vessel. The very lucrative ‘shark-fin trade’ has virtually eliminated the ‘bycatch’ category for blue sharks as all sharks caught by the vast open sea fleets are finned and killed off. The ‘shark-fin ...

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - In the News
Sentinel staff report SANTA CRUZ — Researchers at the Santa Cruz-based Pelagic Shark Research Foundation recently returned from a trip to Isla Guadalupe, where they continued their studies ... determine kinship relations between different types of sharks as well as help monitor the illegal shark-fin trade. The remote location is also home to large elephant seal and sea lion colonies ... More from this site

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Basking shark freed in Provincetown Harbor - 7/11/04
Previous Disentanglements PLEASE REPORT WHALE ENTAGLEMENTS TO 1-800-900-3622 Basking shark freed in Provincetown Harbor - 7/11/04 Schematic of entanglement ... with the mouth agape). The leading edges of the dorsal fin and and tail had pink abrassions but the animal appeared to ... at the next feeding bout. While not a whale, this shark species is poorly understood and the disentanglement was a good ...

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