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NEMA - NEMA Members
Service Wire Company SES America, Inc. SEW-Eurodrive, Inc. SGL Carbon Corporation Shimadzu Medical Systems Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. Sicame Corporation Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. Siemens ITS Siemens ...

A case often mentioned is the "Showa Denko" GE-tryptophan produced by a bacterium with 4 genes inserted in order to increase ... definitely established whether GE was the cause. However other alternatives seem less likely, see "The Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster" . These are just a few examples. Theoretically there are many possibilities for ...

Health hazards from Genetically Engineered Food
[EL] The GE foods on the market have not been reliably tested for safety. The Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster - new evidence [EL] - New evidence makes it hihgly that genetic engineering caused this ... More from this site

Say No To GMOs! - September 2006
However, the company concerned, Showa Denko, admitted that the low-level purification process had been used without ill effect in non-GM batches. Scientists at Showa Denko blame the GM process for ... accepted the substantial equivalence doctrine without backing up their belief with independent scientific research. Showa Denko was not required to test the GM version of L-tryptophan because of the ...

Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program | Nanotechnology and the Environment | US EPA
Materials eSpin Technologies Evident Technologies Luna Nanoworks Nanocyl North America Pressure Chemical Sasol North America Showa Denko KK SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc. One company claimed as Confidential Business Information Commitments to Participate in ...

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