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Immune complex glomerulonephritis is another condition associated with the production of antibodies against DNA and DNA-protein etc. In patients with SLE, immune complex deposits containing antibodies ... human food. The consequences of eating such DNA is therefore unpredictable. This article warns for the possibility that fragments of transgenic DNA might provoke chronic allergic or autoimmune ...

Horizontal transfer of viral and bacteria DNA facilitated by GE organisms?
DNA facilitated by GE organisms? Horizontal gene transfer is the transfer of genes by vectors such as viruses and other infectious agents. It is exploited by genetic engineers to make transgenic ... -associated genes spreading and recombining to create new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. Transgenic DNA inserting into human cells, triggering cancer. This text was based on material from Dr. ... More from this site

Genetic Engineering - Gene Therapy
Ho 3rd July 2006 Safe Gene Therapy At Last? Gene defect corrected without inserting foreign DNA Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th July 2005 Controversy over Gene Therapy 'Breakthrough' A 'precision' gene ... therapy' and other exposures to transgenic DNA. Regrettably, this has now become reality Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th October 2002 Scrambled genomes in human gene therapy and transgenic plants Human gene therapy is ...

Genetic Engineering - Scientific Papers
Viral Promoter - A Recipe for Disaster? Concerns have been raised over the spread of transgenic DNA by horizontal gene transfer. One main factor determining the success of horizontal gene transfer ... Joe Cummins CaMV Promoter is A Recombination Hotspot - No Transgenic Plant Containing CaMV Promoter Should be Released A recent study of transgenic rice carried out at the John Innes Institute supports ... More from this site

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From: jcummins Re: organic farmocidal maniacs From: jcummins Re: transgenic DNA From: jcummins Basil food packaging for organic produce From: jcummins@UWO.CA ... [SANET-MG] Press release regarding BSE and vCJD From: jcummins [SANET-MG] transgenic DNA from maize feed is in animal tissues From: jcummins [SANET-MG] ...

Genetically engineered crops: who benefits?
DNA is likely to be hazardous, any more than the large quantities of DNA from numerous sources ingested every day in normal diets ... with Rockefeller and Swiss Government funding, transferred one bacterial gene and two daffodil genes. The transgenic rice grain has a light golden-yellow colour and contains sufficient beta-carotene to meet ...

Say No To GMOs! - June 2003b
Transgenic DNA in food taken up by bacteria in human gut There is already experimental evidence that transgenic DNA from plants has been taken up ... Antibiotic resistance marker genes can spread from transgenic food to pathogenic bacteria, making infections very difficult to treat. 11. Transgenic DNA and cancer Transgenic DNA is known to survive digestion in the ...

Say No To GMOs! - 2002 Updates
Corporate Arrogance Biotech Soybeans Plant Seed Of Risky Revolution New Study Reveals Unknown DNA in Monsanto's Roundup Ready Soybeans Roundup Risks Monsanto Meltdown A Weed Killer ... Forage Plant DNA In Farm Animals Transgenic Insecticidal Corn: Beyond Insecticidal Toxicity to Ecological Complexity Effects of Klebsiella Planticola SDF20 on Soil Biota and Wheat Growth in Sandy Soil Transgenic DNA ... More from this site

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Re: organic farmocidal maniacs, jcummins Re: organic farmocidal maniacs, jcummins Message not available Re: transgenic DNA, jcummins Basil food packaging for organic produce, jcummins potential use of basil in ... news, jcummins Re: [SANET-MG] Press release regarding BSE and vCJD, jcummins [SANET-MG] transgenic DNA from maize feed is in animal tissues, jcummins [SANET-MG] Beta conglycinin enriched ...

Mutant Red Herrings? (Do or Die)
At greater distances an almost constant 35% of seeds ... T, Golz C & Schieder O (1994) Foreign DNA sequences are received by a wild-type strain of Aspergillus niger after co-culture with transgenic higher plants. Curr. Genet. 27: 70-76. 5 ...

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