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Spotted Sandpiper
Spotted Sandpiper Spotted Sandpiper Photo Courtesy Of Tony Francischiello To order your copy of the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, please visit the Ontario Nature Shop.

EMS - Environmental Entomology - Invertebrate Surveys and Conservation - Bird and Insect Databases
Actitis hypoleucos (Linnaeus 1758) Common Sandpiper hypoleucos (Linnaeus 1758) monotypic migrant breeder, passage visitor, winter visitor Palearctic temperate, mountain, steppe, ... because of habitat change n/a n/a n/a Actitis macularia (Linnaeus 1766) Spotted Sandpiper macularia (Linnaeus 1766) monotypic scarce visitor Nearctic not known Alaska, Canada, south to California ...

EMS - Environmental Entomology - Invertebrate Surveys and Conservation - Bird and Insect Databases
England; 55% of eggs laid, Germany Actitis hypoleucos (Linnaeus 1758) Common Sandpiper flat ground, slope, or side bank with concealed thick vegetation or overhang close to water ... % of eggs laid, England; 85% of eggs laid, Russia n/k Actitis macularia (Linnaeus 1766) Spotted Sandpiper on ground in thick vegetation minimum 4m n/k n/k shallow cup lined with ... More from this site

Illinois Raptor Center Pictorial Guide/shorebirds
Baird's sandpiper. While they usually pass to the east or west of Illinois, some juveniles regularly find their way to the state. The spotted sandpiper is a common summer resident, especially in the northern part of the state. They are usually found alone or in small groups away from other shorebirds. The buff-breasted sandpiper is ...

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Conservation : Colorado Plateau : Gray Vireo
Black-throated Gray Warbler (n = 377), Gray Flycatcher (n = 204), Spotted Towhee (n = 179), Chipping Sparrow (n = 153), Mourning Dove (n = 96), and Blue-gray ... Yellow Warbler (n = 238), Lazuli Bunting (n = 215), White-throated Swift (n = 155), Spotted Towhee (n = 102), and Spotted Sandpiper (n = 77). Notable species that were observed in the Monument, but not ...

NMPIF Wetlands 3
American Dipper (Kingery 1996) Associated Species: Common Merganser, Spotted Sandpiper, Belted Kingfisher fast-moving, clear, unpolluted, rocky streams with numerous small rapids, riffles and waterfalls ...

NMPIF Appendix A
Charadrius montanus Black-necked Stilt BNST Himantopus mexicanus American Avocet AMAV Recurvirostra americana Spotted Sandpiper SPSA Actitis macularia Long-billed Curlew LBCU Numenius americanus Common Snipe COSN ... Piranga rubra Western Tanager WETA Piranga ludovicianus Green-tailed Towhee GTTO Pipilo chlorurus Spotted Towhee SPTO Pipilo maculatus Canyon Towhee CANT Pipilo fuscus Abert's Towhee ... More from this site

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Wild Turkey King Rail* Virginia Rail Sora American Coot Sandhill Crane* Killdeer Lesser Yellowlegs Solitary Sandpiper Spotted Sandpiper Common Snipe Black Tern Rock Dove Mourning Dove Yellow-billed Cuckoo Great Horned Owl Barred ...

Birds and animals seen on the OL
Shinned Hawk 67 Snow Goose 68 Snowy Egret (8/17/06) 69 Song Sparrow 70 Spotted Sandpiper (8/19/06) 71 Swamp Sparrow 72 Tree Swallow 73 Tufted Titmouse 74 Turkey Vulture ... ) Amphibians And Reptiles *) 1 Wood Frog (Eggs) 2 Pickerel Frog 3 Common Snapping Turtle 4 Spotted Salamander 5 Marbled Salamander (Larvae) *All Seen In Or Near Vernal Pool At Trailhead Latest ...

RIDOLFI Inc. - Commencement Bay Post-Restoration Monitoring Program, WA
Lincoln's sparrow mallard marsh wren mourning dove Northern harrier ... sparrow semipalmated sandpiper song sparrow spotted sandpiper spotted towhee Steller's jay surf scoter Swainson's thrush tree swallow varied thrush violet-green swallow warbling vireo western gull western sandpiper western ...

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