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Blue Winged Teal
Blue Winged Teal Blue Winged Teal Photo Courtesy Of Steve Byland To order your copy of the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, please visit the Ontario Nature Shop.

Blue-winged teal Facts, Figures, Description and Photo
Latin: Anas discorsAverage length: M 16", F 14" Average weight: M 1.0 lbs., F 0.8 lbs. Description: Male blue-winged teal ... a high-pitched squeak. Breeding: Blue-winged teal breed primarily in the northern ... winged teal have the highest annual mortality rate (reaching 65%) of all the dabbling ducks, possibly as a result of hunting and long over-ocean migration. Food habits: Blue-winged teal ...

Sable Island Introduction 12
Sable Island Introduction 12 A Green-winged Teal Anas crecca with ducklings at the West Ponds.

bird sightings to May, 2006
Teal (4) - April 19, 2 males and 2 females at the west ponds; May 24 and 30, 1 male and 1 female together at the west ponds. Green-winged Teal ... March 30-31 and April 27-28 (possibly different individuals). White-winged Dove (1) - May 31, 1 west of West Light. Rock Dove (1 ... to May 3, 1 between West Light and the Station. Red-winged Blackbird (1) - April 4, 1 female at the Station. Pine Siskin (1 ... More from this site

Ducks and grebes
The green-winged teal is the smallest duck found in North America. In flight, it lacks the powder blue wing patches of the blue-winged teal. The long-tailed duck was ...

The Ozaukee Washington Land Trust
Several ponds offer resting and feeding areas for blue-winged teal, mallards, and wood ducks. Other species, including coyote, fox, and white-tailed deer are also ...

NMPIF Grassland 3
Wilson's Phalarope (Colwell and Jehl 1994) Associated Species: Green-winged Teal, Sora, Savannah Sparrow, Brewer's Blackbird uses marshes, salt playas, flooded meadows and less often ...

NMPIF Appendix A
Anas platyrhynch os Blue-winged Teal BWTE Anas discors Cinnamon Teal CITE Anas cyanoptera Northern Shoveler NNSH Anas clypeata Northern Pintail NOPI Anas acuta Green-winged Teal GWTE Anas crecca ... PABU Passerina ciris Dickcissel DICK Spiza americana Bobolink BOBO Dolichonyx oryzivorus Red-winged Blackbird RWBL Agelaius phoeniceus Eastern Meadowlark EAME Sturnella magna Western Meadowlark WEME ... More from this site

Bird List
Bittern+ Great Blue Heron Great Egret Green Heron Canada Goose Wood Duck Green-winged Teal Mallard Blue-winged Teal Turkey Vulture Northern Harrier+ Red-tailed Hawk Rough-legged Hawk American Kestrel ... Sparrow Swamp Sparrow White-throated Sparrow Dark-eyed (Slate-colored) Junco Bobolink Red-winged Blackbird Eastern Meadowlark Yellow-headed Blackbird Common Grackle Brown-headed Cowbird Orchard Oriole ...

Birds and animals seen on the OL
Great Horned Owl 37 Greater Yellowlegs (10/21/06) 38 Green-Winged Teal 39 Hairy Woodpecker 40 Harrier 41 Hermit Thrush 42 Herring Gull 43 Hooded Merganser 44 ... -headed Woodpecker (1/13/07) 59 Red-Shouldeed Hawk 60 Red-Tailed Hawk 61 Red-Winged Blackbird 62 Ring-Billed Gull 63 Ringneck Duck 64 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet 65 Scarlet Tanager ...

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