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Maple Syrup Page - Rideau Canal Waterway
The season starts in early to mid-March when the daytime temperatures start to climb ...

Maple Syrup Driving Tour of the southern Rideau region, Ontario, Canada
These days, stainless steel evaporators are used to produce the syrup, although most are still heated with wood. It takes ... More from this site

I've heard that standard evaporators cannot handle high chlorides. This is true. The chlorides will corrode steel, even stainless steel. The RGF Thermo Oxidizer has no steel that comes ...

RGF Environmental Group - Air and Water Purification Systems
Utilizing RGF proprietary Dry Chamber Flash Evaporation technology, which is far superior to traditional evaporators. Thermo Oxidation eliminates corrosion and sludge problems. Wastewater is evaporated to a dry ash, ... very aggresive atmosphere that obtains a 99% kill rate on foodborne bacteria. The food grade stainless steel cabinet fits a standard 18"x 24" tray. Increase shelf life up to 40%, ...

Inclined Plate Clarifiers
HOME | Our Technology | Oil Water Separators | Clarifiers | Pre-Wash | Evaporators | Wash Bay Solutions | Case Studies | About Us Features & Benefits Lower installed cost Easily ... Handling and Dewatering Concrete Tank Designs Full FRP / Stainless Steel Designs Technical Features Individual removable polypropylene plate packs Epoxy coated steel tanks Complete shop assembly Adjustable effluent weir ...

HYDRO QUIP Evaporators
Evaporators HOME | Our Technology | Oil Water Separators | Clarifiers | Pre-Wash | Evaporators | Wash Bay Solutions | Case Studies | About Us Highly Efficient and Reliable Evaporators! Features Stainless Steel ... More from this site

Welcome to APSI. R-Vap Mechanical Vapor Recompression Wastewater Evaporator.
Low Cost Operating Cost Ordinary waste water evaporators are notoriously expensive to install and operate. For many evaporators, to process the wastewater and also create re-usable ... upon request. Vapor body and piping can be constructed from a variety of materials including stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, or titanium. Size Width (ft) Height (ft) Depth (ft) 20 gph ...

Vacuum evaporation provides a thermal separation of the wastewater into two ... type of Super Duplex Stainless Steel, which resists the corrosive effects of chemical compounds concentrated by the continuous water evaporation. The hot water used by the evaporators is heated by ...

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