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Sourcebook Xeri Planning and Design
Deciduous trees that lose their leaves in winter will create summer shade and allow sunlight through open branches to warm and light the home during winter. (Note that with leaves off, there can be significant shading from the branches.) Shade can ... :: The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community
We saw where the roof leaked, ... an extension of our roof overhang just long enough for more summer shade, while still short enough to allow the free heat and light ... grow winter deciduous vines for summer shade. In winter we cut back the vines to let the sun shine in. More summer shade is created with a ...

Butterfly Gardener — Summer 2001
Butterfly Gardener — Summer 2001 Butterfly Gardener Vol 6 Issue 2 Summer 2001 Cover Photos: Variegated Fritillaries by Rita Venable Page Shade Gardening for Butterflies by Sandra Huwe 4 Tips & Tidbits 6 Butterfly Garden ... Long 7 Chapter News 8 Comments 10 Nectar Plant—Woodland Phlox by Claire Hagen Doyle Shade Photography by Randy Emmitt 13 Bulletin Board 14 Instars 15 Back Cover: Oh, Butterfly by ...

In summer, shade provided by trees and the cooling effect of water evaporating from leaves can significantly reduce ...

2006 NOFA Summer Conference, Amherst, MA, The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc. Exhibits
August 10-13, 2006 The NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) Summer Conference was held at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts on August ... exhibit and spread the word about Randall cattle. The NOFA Summer Conference is an annual affair and this year was its ... Full Sized Version Back "Doris" and "Mandy" resting in the shade Jill Horton-Lyons of Winterberry Farm holds a duckling for ...

Summer Time Tips to Stay Cool
Summer Time Tips to Stay Cool Your browser does not support script Your ... rest in a cool area, and drink clear juice or a sports beverage. With shade and rest, faintess or dizziness should subside promptly. If cramps persist for more ... - Tips & Recipes Getting Your Home Ready for Summer Summertime Home Energy Tips If the Lights Go Out in Your House the Summer Being Prepared for Power Outages in Your ...

Summer Time Energy-Saving Tips
The savings numbers are based on your total summer electric bill. Equipment mentioned must be electric powered for estimates to be accurate. Also check ... to 5 percent) Install window shading Install patio covers, awnings, and solar window screens to shade your home from the sun. For additional future savings, use strategically planted trees, shrubs and ... More from this site

Past Trips - Summer 2003
Email your contributions to: COMPLETED SUMMER 2003 TRIPS 1. June 6-8 (Fri-Sun) Carrizo National ... 6602 3. June 21 (Sat) Desert Survivors Summer Picnic (E) Roberts Recreation Area, Oakland The Summer Solstice is a traditional time for ... About 27 miles of backpacking; elevation gain 2200'. Water and shade every day, and we'll expect good wildlife too. Contact ...

Expect some heat, but we'll have plenty of shade. A real trail in desert wilderness! Note: Participants must stay ... 530) 573-0965 4. July 16 (Sat) Desert Survivors Summer Picnic (E) Lakeview Picnic Area, Tilden Park, Berkeley This year ... DATES Toiyabe Crest Backpack (M/S) Arc Dome Wilderness, Nevada Escape from summer heat in Nevada's high country. We will follow a ... More from this site

Friends of Animals | On the Road to Salemata for Chimpanzees | Summer 2008
Road to Salemata for Chimpanzees Text and Photographs by Janis Carter | Summer 2008 Along the road to Salemata I look for the ... either side. The fragile remnant hangs limp and lifeless, providing little shade or shelter for the small family of chimpanzees who depend on ... producing a new poster and booklet. table of contents | Act•ionLine Summer 2008 | flip the page Friends of Animals’ goal is to ...

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