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Current news and events concerning green roofs
Developers Modus plan to introduce a wind turbine, solar panels and green roofing to the centre in..." Full article here. Council's green advice to staff ... Green Roof Associations [EFB] for a three year term during which the Federation will support UNI [the Italian Standards Institute], as it develops a CEN, the European Standard for Green Roofs ...

Residential Environmental Design - Environmental Building Products
Residential Environmental Design - Environmental Building Products Environmental Products Roofing Eco-shake UNI-SOLAR Roofing SUPRADUR Roofing MET-TILE Roofing RUSTIC SHINGLE The ArchDome - Safety and Energy Efficiency. Flooring Plyboo International Wood Products Decking/Landscape ...

Residential Environmental Design Reviews of Roofing Materials
Roofing panels, UNI-SOLAR Roofing incorporates United Solar proprietary Triple-junction photovoltaic technology. UNI-SOLAR Roofing panels are made from thin, flexible and lightweight amorphous silicon solar cells laminated in advanced polymers, where no glass is used. UNI-SOLAR Roofing ... More from this site

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