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Canada. UNU is a member of UN-Water. UNU-INWEH represents UNU at this coordination body comprising 24 UN entities and many international partners. 2008 is the International Year of Sanitation Events at UNU-INWEH ... (UNU-INWEH) 175 Longwood Road South, Suite 204 Hamilton Ontario L8P OA1 CANADA Tel: +1-905-667-5511 Fax: +1-905-667-5510 Email: Driving Directions to UNU-INWEH Last ...

UNU Update
UNU Update UNU Update Home News Mission Project Areas Seminars Internships Brochure Publications Personnel Vacancies Site Map "UNU Update": The newsletter of United Nations University and its network of research and training centres and programmes View the latest issue of UNU Update Copyright 2007 UNU-INWEH. More from this site

Pollution Probe - Press Releases
Pollution Probe in partnership with United Nations University International Network on Water, Environment and Health (UNU/INWEH) and the Coastal Zone Canada Association, will be held at the Hamilton Convention Centre (Hamilton ...

Pollution Probe - Press Releases
The United National University International Network on Water, Environment and Health (UNU/INWEH) is a research and capacity-development programme contributing to the resolution of global water ... urban water systems and marine coastal waters in support of integrated water resources management. INWEH was established in 1996, with financial support from the Government of Canada, and is ... More from this site

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