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PSC: Data Services: In-house Data Utilities: extract
Output: /usr/shared/male90.dat The following abbreviations allow one to get state-specific files: Output: /usr/shared/st*.dat Output: /usr/shared/st!.dat Output: /usr/shared/st#.dat The *,!, ... jobs should be run in system-wide /usr/shared space, or the workstation-specific shared space (graunt: /usr/gshared; ariel: /usr/ashared; meca: /usr/mecashared). Before running the job, make ...

PSC: Data Services: How to use common UNIX user commands
IFS user directory cd /usr/shared takes you to location where most of your jobs should be run ls -l shows ... test.dat cp sas.prg /usr/shared/sas.prg copying a file from one directory to another cp sas.* /usr/shared copies all files that start with sas. to /usr/shared mv sas.prg disability.prg ... More from this site

Compiling and Installing - Apache HTTP Server
If PREFIX is not specified, it defaults to /usr/local/apache2. Each section of the compilation and installation process is described in more ... the DSO mechanism: $ CC="pgcc" CFLAGS="-O2" \ ./configure --prefix=/sw/pkg/apache \ --enable-rewrite=shared \ --enable-speling=shared When configure is run it will take several minutes to test for the availability ...

Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support - Apache HTTP Server
Configure Apache for later installation of shared modules: $ ./configure --enable-so $ make install Build and install a third ... DSO's are usually called shared libraries or DSO libraries and named or They reside in a system directory (usually /usr/lib) and the link to ... More from this site

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