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Yasuni Rainforest Campaign - Waorani - Main Page
Waorani del la Amazonía Ecuatoriana AMWAE Association of the Waorani Women of the Ecuadorian Amazon La Associación de Mujeres Waorani de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana A Brief History of the Waorani (coming soon) Waorani ...

Yasuni Rainforest Campaign -Waorani Handicrafts Main Page
Women Artisans of Yasuní PICTURES OF SAMPLE WAORANI HANDICRAFTS Available From Save America's Forests WAORANI WOMEN AMWAE ARTISAN WORKSHOP In The Waorani Amazon Forest Community of Ñoneno October 2007 - See pictures of the Waorani women ... More from this site

Waorani Indians : History perspective, article page 5 of 15
American women travelled to the forest, the first ever peaceful contact with the Waorani was made. Rachel Saint ... with cowode. Because the missionaries attempted to identify with Waorani needs, the Waorani responded positively to the missionaries early on, but ... and yet others wanted sexual access to their women. It took time for the Waorani to realise that not all cowode would treat ...

Waorani Indians : History perspective, article page 2 of 15
Indian women, enslaving young men, and murdering others. Many Indians died from diseases brought in by the ... . By 1949, a total of twelve Shell employees had been killed by Waorani, forcing Shell to abandon their operations. The Waorani had earned a reputation as a tribe of hostile 'savages', or ... More from this site

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