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National Water Demand Management Centre
National Water Demand Management Centre Environment Agency Water Conservation and Demand Management Publications Bookshop The Environment Agency publishes a range of free literature relating to Water Conservation and Demand Management, which may be ordered on line and is also available via the Environment Agency's National Customer Contact Centre Telephone +44(0)8708 506506 E-mail

WELL - Resource Centre Network for Water, Sanitation and Environmental Health
In general, roof rainwater harvesting is only able to provide sufficient water for a small vegetable plot. Water demand = 20 x n x 365 litres/year, with n=number of people in the household; if there are five people in the household then the annual water demand ...

Table - Water Use by Economic Sector in China
Source: Nanjing Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources (1996): Report on the mid- and long-term plans for water demand and supply in China. Nanjing (cited from: UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP): Study on Assessment of Water Resources of Member Countries and Demand by ...

Futurewater - Expertise: water for food
Drivers behind this process are the expansion of (irrigated) arable land, water demand from other sectors and climate change. FutureWater can help by finding practical solutions to the challenge of using exisiting water supplies wisely. The approach FutureWater investigates how our scarce water ...

Futurewater - Expertise: water shortage
Water shortage A precipitation deficit combined with overexploitation of water resources can result in large scale water shortage and drought. Methods which employ strategic decision support in order balance water demand and water ... More from this site

Water Conservation in the Great Lakes Region
Water Conservation: Helping Our Customers Save Time and Money The goal of the CCWD Water Conservation Program is to reduce long-term water demand ...

Water- depletion and pollution
A large amount of water is wasted in agriculture, industry, and urban areas. It has been estimated that with available technologies and better operational practices, agricultural water demand could be cut by about ... have adequate laws or regulations to protect their water systems. Due to the increase in population there has been a rise in the demand for food, space for housing, consumer products, ...

Water conservation
Reducing water demand Simple techniques can be used to reduce the demand for water. The underlying principle is that only part of the rainfall or irrigation water is taken up by plants ... from the surface. Therefore, by improving the efficiency of water use, and by reducing its loss due to evaporation, we can reduce water demand. There are numerous methods to reduce such losses and ... More from this site

Water Resources Abstracts
British Isles ; ID: Identifiers British Isles, Anglian Region; government policies; water supplies; water supply; water resources development; water demand; water ...

Water Headlines for December 3, 2007 | Water | US EPA
... water management agency helped the community reduce water demand by 55,000 acre-feet, or 12 percent of present demand, through conservation and water recycling with plans to further reduce demand for water ...

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