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Climate Change - Tree Calculator
Flights - gives the total greenhouse warming effect (including CO2, ozone from NOx and water vapour) of the flight per passenger - on a 747 at 80% occupancy For Car, Train and ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
(CO2), methane (Ch4), nitrous oxide (N2O), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and water vapour. They are called greenhouse gases. Thatís because they act like a blanket spread over ... be resolved. Tug-of-war Industrialised nations: not so vulnerable to climate change; unwilling to water down their lifestyle; resistant to taking on the expenses of shifting to a low- ...

Other Greenhouse gases - Water
Water Other Direct Greenhouse Gases - Stratospheric water Water vapour in our stratosphere can act as a very powerful greenhouse gas. The amounts of water vapour in our stratosphere are ... water vapour arising from high flying aircraft may be an important source of stratospheric water, particularly in the future with increased global air travel. The exact global budget for stratospheric water vapour ...

Water in the Solar System
Water on Other Planets or Moons in the Solar System? Water in its various forms pervades the solar system, from traces of water vapour on the Sun itself to water ice in the likely composition of Pluto and the Kuiper Belt objects beyond it. However large amounts of liquid water ...

Water: The Hub of Life
H20 => 2H2- + O2 However most of the oxygen was probably produced as a by-product of photosynthetic autotrophs using light energy to split water molecules and ... using oxidative phosphorylation to use oxygen and carbohydrate to release energy, carbon dioxide and water. These complex cells with organelles entrapped within them, and nuclei became the 'eukaryotes' - ... More from this site

Freshwater Website: Properties of Water (Water's magical properties)
Water: visible and invisible On earth, water is found as a liquid, as a solid (ice) or as a gas (water vapour ... Water vapour forms a kind of global "blanket" which helps to keep the earth warm. Heat radiated from the sun-warmed surface of the earth is absorbed and held by the vapour. Water ...

Freshwater Website: Properties of water (The hydrologic cycle)
Transpiration: Water vapour is also emitted from plant leaves by a process called transpiration. Every day an actively growing plant transpires 5 to 10 times as much water as it can hold at once. Condensation: As water vapour rises, it cools and eventually condenses,usually on tiny particles of ... More from this site

Water- depletion and pollution
Glaciers, icebergs, and ice caps are all frozen water. Gas Water is found in the atmosphere in its gaseous form, water vapour. Steam is nothing but vapourized water. In certain hot water springs called geysers, jets of steam and hot water rise ...

Water cycle
Water cycle The different water sources of the earth get their water supply from precipitation, while this precipitation in itself is the evaporation from these sources. Water is lost to the atmosphere as vapour ... . More from this site

Water Cycle
The Natural Water Cycle The water cycle begins with water being evaporated by the sun mainly from the sea, which becomes vapour and forms into clouds. Some of the cloudy vapour blows inland ...

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