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Sprawl & Growth Topics Covered in the Planning Commissioners Journal
Sprawl: Bringing Sprawl to a Crawl The Anti-Sprawl Mantra ... by Eben Fodor by Wayne Lemmon 4. Stopping Sprawl by Growing Smarter by Edward T. McMahon 5. Controlling Strip Development by ... Boosts Local Economies articles by Amy Facca, Donovan Rypkema, Julia Miller, Edward T. McMahon, and Wayne Senville For articles on: zoning | comprehensive plans | land use law | basic planning tools | planning ...

PCJ Article 205: Two Perspectives on Sprawl
Anti-Sprawl Mantra by Wayne Lemmon Eben Fodor, author of Better, Not Bigger, outlines six steps individuals and communities can take to combat sprawl. But real estate economist Wayne Lemmon argues that low-density ... More from this site

Signers L - Global Warming Petition Project
Stephen L. Larsen, Elisabeth Larsen, Wayne K. Larsen, Dale G. Larsen, Carl S. Larson, PhD, Wayne O. Larson, PhD, Bruce Linder Larson, ... , Eric Lemke, Richard W. Lemke, Terry L. Lemley, PhD, Robert E. Lemmon, PhD, Andrew Z. Lemnios, PhD, Leslie Roy Lemon, W. L. ... , Leo C. Linesch, Milton Joshua Linevsky, PhD, David R. Lingenfelter, Wayne B. Lingle, Wesley Earl Lingren, PhD, Jesse B. Lininger, Peter ...

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