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Bottlenose - the Prince of Whales
Faroes is rather different from the more renowned Faroese pilot whale drive. The historical catch records make no distinction between stranded whales and whales which have ... which is also reflected in the local literature, that it is almost impossible to drive the bottlenose whale. Bottlenose whales are easily scared and complete silence must be observed when they ...

S°tur er sjalvgivin biti. (About pilot whale meat )
I didn't remember hearing of a whale drive recently, but then - of ... a whale drive in his boat. "You see? Women these days are not for nothing. Now it's the women who bring the whale meat ... a pilot whale drive?", my daughter asked. "Yes it was. Her brothers, and 12 other men with them, died in the disastrous pilot whale drive of ... More from this site

Ocean Alliance - WHALE CONSERVATION INSTITUTE - Cape Ann Whale Watch
Cape Ann Whale Watch in Gloucester, MA, a short 45-minute drive north of Boston. Please join us and spend a day in the company of whales. You'll be happy you did. Directions A Humpback Whale ...

Ocean Alliance - RESEARCH - Right Whale
Alliance - RESEARCH - Right Whale > Benign Research > Right Whale Program > Voyage of the Odyssey Photo: Iain Kerr RIGHT WHALE PROGRAM The right whale is the most endangered of all great whales. Institute researchers, led ... fasting during the months they are at the Peninsula. It is feared the gulls might drive the whales from optimal nursery areas, and may affect calf survival by affecting the ... More from this site

SoundNet - Whale fall
Smith. ... Str├Âmstad, Sweden, has been fortunate enough to sink a whale near his lab. The whale falls that have been studied off the coast of ...

Ocean Alliance -
Argentina has been a long term part of the Right Whale Research Program. Ocean Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization ... acclaimed actress, Lisa Harrow. The hour-long event weaves together whale song, poetry, scientific truths, and compelling examples of what ... WHALE SHOP Visit the Ocean Alliance Whale Shop for some great gift ideas! You can order securely online via PAYPAL. Membership Drive Please ...

All about water - its chemical and physical properties, support for life. Australia's Water Resources: Management, Use and Conservation. Water Quality Guidelines - Online. Water News and Information::Ozh2o
Centres, Attractions, Seahorse World, Seahorse and Seadragon Farm, Sanctuary Australian Self Drive, Tours, Adventures, Packages, Itineraries, Routes, Holidays Australian Royal and Rural Agricultural Shows ... Tourism, Golf Holiday and Accommodation Packages, Golf Tours and Events Australian Whale Watching, Cruises, Tours, Packages, Charters, Holidays and Locations Australian White Water Rafting - ...

grey whale advocate, whale watching in baja
Schedule Page. Our standard is the five day trip. You can join us as we drive south from San Diego in nearly new 15 passenger vans. Or you can fly into ...

Whale watching trip itineraries
Drive to Guerrero Negro. Stop along the way in the town of San Ignacio to visit the mission and have lunch. Day 3,4 & 5: Gray whale ... whale watching and lunch on the shore of the lagoon, your group will return to the motel, pack and then drive ... whale sharks Donsol, the Phillippine Islands whale sharks whale shark trip photos 2005 whale watching in Baja, snorkeling with whale sharks, The Gray whale ... More from this site

Short-finned Pilot Whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
Drive fisheries that specifically target pilot whales exist in Japan and the Lesser Antilles. ... 2005 Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS-SEAMAP) Short-finned Pilot Whale Species Profile Watch Short-finned Pilot Whale Video Home | About Us | Forms | Privacy Policy | Information Quality | Disclaimer | ...

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