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Eugene Permaculture Guild - Eugene Oregon
Permaculture & Building Design Permaculture is a way of thinking about and approaching design. Below are some examples of ... : Use local materials, such as wood, stones, clay (cob, earthen floors and plaster) Energy cycling Yields from ... impact: apply sustainable practices for cooking, lighting, transport, heating, sewage treatment, water, and other utilities. Building: Masonry ...

Eugene Permaculture Guild - Eugene Oregon
PM | Website Portland contractor Cecil Smith talks about healthy buildings. McNail-Riley House, 13th and Jefferson, Eugene. ...   Cob Cottage Work Weekend Cancelled Date TBA | Website A weekend at the Cob Cottage Company’s location ... the Aprovecho Research Center will discuss efficient wood burning and solar heating and other examples of appropriate technology. Spiritual Values ... More from this site

Earth Materials-Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Soils should contain about 30% clay and 70% sand. CONSIDERATIONS: The use of ... in summer and possessing good thermal properties for passive solar heating. Caliche block has been produced for applications similar to ... Testing, Information, Equipment Leasing Cob Cottage Company Box 123 Cottage Grove, OR 97424 (541) 942-3021 cob construction information, workshops Southwest ...

The Coblist 2004 Archive by thread
Cob] cob as mortar for cordwood wall Taylor Publishing-DirtCheapBuilder [Cob] cob website in Ireland francine [Cob] cob as mortar for cordwood building Mary Lou McFarland [Cob] cob as mortar for cordwood building Amanda Peck [Cob] about heating Mike Swink [Cob] about heating GlobalCirclenet [Cob] about heating ...

The Coblist 2004 Archive by subject
Cob] a quick response is needed otherfish [Cob] A source of information Dognyard [Cob] about greenhouses... kate samson [Cob] about greenhouses... Amanda Peck [Cob] about heating Mike Swink [Cob] about heating GlobalCirclenet [Cob] about heating Jonathan Walther [Cob] about heating Amanda Peck [Cob] About small houses Mary Lou McFarland [Cob ... More from this site

Green Home Building: Natural Building Techniques: Cob
Home heating can be expensive both in capital equipment and in running costs. If we ... about cob, listing workshops, forums, and an extensive photo gallery. information, photos, workshops related to cob. coblist email discussion group about cob. There are a bunch of short videos about cob ...

Natural Building Colloquium
Watson Wick • Solar Ovens Home Page: networkearth Questions and Answers about Cob MICHAEL SMITH and IANTO EVANS What is cob? The word cob comes from an Old English root meaning "a lump or ... for passive solar construction. Cob structures in chilly (not cold) climates require little additional heating in winter and remain cool and comfortable on hot summer days. Because cob is fireproof, it can be ...

Oasis Design Employment/ Internship Opportunities
Learn a ton about ecological design and ... landscaping with 40 varieties of fruit trees,vegetable garden, solar hot water, solar space heating, and a wide variety of energy and water conserving features, with more constantly being ...

The Hand-Sculpted House: how to build a cob cottage
Acknowledgments • Introduction by Ianto Evans • What This Book Offers You • About the Authors • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT COB PART I: PHILOSOPHY, BACKGROUND, AND DESIGN by Ianto Evans (What ... Cob Hearths • A Heated Cob Bench • Rumford Fireplaces • jjA Lorena Cooking Stove • An Earthen Bread Oven • Mass Heating Stove Chapter 14: Windows and Doors Keeping the Wall Strong above Openings • Connecting Cob ... More from this site

Green Home Building: Article about Cordwood Masonry
A closely related element would be that the building is healthy, particularly ... indigenous material – probably half the country, I'm guessing – then cob is a viable alternative. Cob's constituent ingredients are: clay (about 20% by volume, if the clay is fairly pure), sand ...

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