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Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Guide to Birding Hot Spots
Cave Creek Canyon - C2 Chiricahua Mts. - C1, C2, C3 Chiricahua National Monument - C3 Cochise Lakes - C4 Coronado National Memorial - H3 Empire-Cienega Ranch - S4 EOP, Sierra Vista Florida ... Research Station Rustler Park C3 Chiricahua National Monument Sulphur Springs Valley C4 Cochise Lakes (Twin Lakes), Willcox C5 Apache Generating Station Wildlife Observation Area C6 Whitewater Draw ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory's Birding Guide: The Chiricahua Mountains & Sulphur Springs Valley
Zoological and Botanical Area Southwestern Research Station Sulphur Springs Valley: Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area Cochise Lakes (Twin Lakes), Willcox Apache Generating Station Wildlife Observation Area Mule Mountains: SABO's Banning Creek ... the valley, on the east side of the city of Willcox, is Cochise Lakes (a.k.a. Twin Lakes) a pair of effluent ponds adjacent to the municipal golf course on ... More from this site