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McTighe Oil-Water Separators
Initially, the flow is reversed and the influent passes over the corrugated plate, the tumbling action of the oil ... of the parallel corrugated plate is left open to allow sludge and heavy solids to pass through and collect at the center sludge baffle plate. An access opening above the baffle plate permits ...

McTighe Oil-Water Separators
McTighe Manual Chapters Section 8 - McTighe Design Advantages General Discussion A: Solids Collection Comparisons B: Corrugated Plate Comparisons C: Plastic Media Coalescer Comparisons D: Plastic Media Coalescer ACCESS Comparisons E. Fiberglass Separators ... More from this site

Oil Water Separators and Separation Systems Operational Theory
As the oil droplets rise up the plate they will coalesce or come together with other ... droplet reaches the top of the media plate the droplet pulls away from the plate and rises to the water surface. To some ... . The coalescing design is known by many names ie. parallel plate, corrugated plate, slant rib coalescer so on and so forth. However, the concept ...

How PS International Oil-Water Separators Work  (605) 332-1885
Flow is directed towards a single corrugated plate at an angle perpendicular to the entrance pipe. This method of separation, known as ... Shell Principle of using multiple corrugated parallel plates. The parallel plate pack in the PSI oil-water separator consists of a special arrangement of heavy gauge removable corrugated steel plates. The plates ...

PSI Separator Design, Construction and Maintenance  (605) 332-1885
PSI oil-water separators utilize multiple corrugated parallel plates, which have a proven track record for coalescing oil particles. Separator Models PS ... coalescer is also easy to maintain since it is located as far away from the corrugated plate pack as possible. The location of this coalescer ensures that it has limited oil and ... More from this site

Heavy Equipment Pre-wash System
Operations The CS Model shall be a special purpose prefabricated inclined plate clarifier and parallel corrugated plate gravity displacement type oil/solids/water separators designed to remove free ... . Flow through the polypropylene coalescing plates shall be crossflow perpendicular to the vertical plate elements such that all 132 square feet/cubic foot of coalescing area is ...

Above Ground Oil Water Separators
Operation Fabrication The oil water separator is a special purpose prefabricated parallel corrugated plate, rectangular, gravity displacement, type oil water separator. The separator shall be comprised of a tank ... More from this site

Gravity Plate Separation - Global Spill Control
Plate Separation - Global Spill Control Gravity Plate Separation GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Corrugated Plates Stainless steel, Polycarbonate or F.R. Angle of plates 60 ... polypropylene elbow De-Oiling Hydrocyclones Organic Filtration Gravity Plate Separation De-Sanding Hydrocyclones De-Oiling Hydrocyclones Organic Filtration Gravity Plate Separation De-Sanding Hydrocyclones Spill Kits Australia - Oil ...

Delaware's Pollution Control Strategy --- Delaware Department of Water Resources
Cardboard --- specified locations only, call (800) 404-7080 for locations; corrugated cardboard only; fold to fit in 60-inch by 5-inch opening. Motor Oil --- ... , rulers, wastepaper baskets, pens and pencils, binders. Auto Parts --- retreaded tires, oil filters, license plate frames, batteries, rubber accessories, rebuilt auto parts, oil. Home*A*Syst for Risk Assessment ...

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