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Insulation foams
There are essentially two types of cell structures. In open cell foam, air can move into and out of the cells. In closed cell foam, the blowing ... structure (especially for construction foam). Safety aspects The HFCs used in foam blowing applications are either non-flammable or mildly flammable compared to the most commonly used foam blowing agent family, pentanes. ...

HCFCs in their most important applications including refrigeration, air conditioning and insulation foam blowing agents. Even if some countries expressed their intention to phase them out ... More from this site

Science - Ozone Basics
Another important group of human-produced halocarbons is ...

Global Warming Potentials of ODS Substitutes | Ozone Layer Depletion | US EPA
Blend component of several refrigerant blends and foam blowing agent. Also used as an aerosol propellant. HFC-227ea ... Foam blowing agent and possible refrigerant in the future. HFC-365mfc (C 4H 5F 5) 8.6 -- 9.9 782 -- 950 Some use as a foam blowing ...

Alternatives / SNAP | US EPA
Final Rule: Protection of Stratospheric Ozone; Listing of Ozone Depleting Substitutes in Foam Blowing Key Documents SNAP Final Rule Summary Submit a Substitute Lists of ... program has reviewed substitutes for the following industrial sectors: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Foam Blowing Agents Cleaning Solvents Fire Suppression and Explosion Protection Aerosols Sterilants Tobacco Expansion ... More from this site

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The wind was blowing the sides of the tent in against my shoulder and an ... . Over the water, the waves were tight and white capped. The foam was in perfectly parallel lines across the surface and into the wind ... ran through the grass. The snow was scudding along the ground, blowing and driving across the tundra in white sheets below us. Half ...

Sourcebook Structural Wall
Panels can be fabricated with three types of foam cores: molded expanded polystyrene (MEPS), extruded polystyrene (XEPS), and urethane ... offered by some suppliers. XEPS and urethane foam use CFC's or HCFC's as blowing agents. MEPS does not use any ... manufacturers see General Assistance section); some may also offer other foam insulations; not all may be interested in serving the central ...

Sourcebook Insulation
Extruded polystyrene and polyisocyanurate foam insulation boards are currently made with CFC or HCFC blowing ... More from this site

ESB: Spray Foam Producers Solve Ozone Problem
Foam Producers Solve Ozone Problem Spray Foam Producers Solve Ozone Problem Manufacturers of rigid foam insulation board have successfully phased out the ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) once used as blowing agents ... is Supergreen, introduced in 1993 by Foam-Tech Inc. of North Thetford, Vermont. Supergreen uses a hydro-fluorocarbon HFC-134a as a blowing agent. HFCs contain no chlorine ...

River of Words: Poetry
Deschutes Presides over meadows, Reigns over leafy subjects, And wears a silver crown of foam and bubbles. The mother Deschutes Shelters crying fish, Plays with cheeky otters, And comforts ... creating creeks. Taupe elk, Tawny deer, Antlered mammals living here. Silver rocks, Emerald trees, Branches blowing in the breeze. Golden aspen, Lavender flowers, Enjoyed hiking for many hours. Black bear, ...

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