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April 1991
Enforcement, Community Service, and Conservation Education Program, and the International Ivory Ban. When we arrived in 1986, there were only seven game ... this part of Africa. At least six infamous, large scale ivory poachers lived in the village. They hired the local men, ... , as bearers to carry the ivory from the national park. In fact, poaching elephants for ivory and buffalo for meat, was the ...

February 1992
Zambia February 3, 1992 Dear Everybody: PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE THE IVORY BAN! Last fall poaching in the North Luangwa was down from about ... African Wildlife Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, and others. BUT THE IVORY BAN MAY SOON BE REVERSED: On March 2nd, 1992 CITES will vote ... PRESIDENT BUSH and advise him of your support of the CITES ivory ban. Write to him or, even better, make a call to the ... More from this site

EIA - The Environmental Investigation Agency: Elephants Campaign | Campaign Index
The gradual recovery of their population since the ban on ivory trade is now undermined by recent decisions in 1997 and 2002 by the international ... international ivory ban. Poaching levels plummeted as a result. EIA continues to defend the ban in the face of mounting opposition from Southern African countries and Japan, traditionally the world's leading ivory ...

EIA - The Environmental Investigation Agency: Elephants Campaign | Campaign News
(EIA): - The decision to overturn the international ivory ban in 1997 has led to renewed elephant poaching and a series of major illegal ivory seizures, according to a new report published ... 17 Jan 00 Upsurge in elephant poaching overshadows tenth anniversary of international ivory ban A decade after the international ivory trade ban came into force one of the most important conservation successes of ... More from this site

The End of Fortress Conservation?
It has virtually wiped out commercial poaching in an area once known as 'The Second Ivory Coast'." And this is not just the Foundation blowing its own horn. The project has ... detractors stand to gain huge sums from the sale of stockpiled and newly poached ivory if the CITES ivory ban is reversed; others fervently desire to shoot Endangered Species, and know that we ...

Tropical timber import export Africa Asia volume Ivory Coast Cote Ivoire France
Ivory Coast Cote Ivoire France Ivory Coast Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) The post-Independence government permitted a major expansion in the commercial exploitation of Ivory ... created by France's (and others') response to the ban on log exports that became effective in the late ... Liberia that are being exported through Ivory Coast. Growth in India's imports from the Ivory Coast coincided with the absence ...

Tropical timber import export Africa Asia volume Ivory Coast Cote Ivoire France
Tropical timber import export Africa Asia volume Ivory Coast Cote Ivoire France Liberia Liberia Liberia exported negligible quantities of timber during the mid- ... exports. France continued to import substantial quantities of timber during the early 1990s, despite a ban on timber exports, partly in exchange for military support to the then ruling elite. Further ... More from this site

Save the Elephants - Poaching in India to increase as China opens ivory market
Ashok Kumar ... 2002, Singapore authorities seized six tonnes of ivory, including 532 raw ivory tusks and 40,810 ivory hankos (Japanese name for seals). A ... for Animal Welfare (IFAW). An IFAW survey of Asian ivory markets showed the ivory from Asian elephants was considered superior in Japan for ...

Save the Elephants - Sudan busts illegal ivory trading ring
No further details were released and police were not reachable for comment. Since 1989, an international ban has prohibited the sale of ivory in all but exceptional circumstances. Trade was halted after a dramatic fall in ... More from this site

Ivory scoop for China
A massive illegal trade in ivory caused dramatic declines in many elephant populations in Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, and an international ban on trade in ivory came into ... on illegal domestic ivory markets.” Since the CITES trade ban, international commercial trade in ivory has legally taken place only once, in 1997, when a one-off sale of raw ivory was approved for ...

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