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The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - The Sharks of the Monterey Bay - Benthic Sharks
Monterey Bay - Benthic Sharks Soupfin Shark - Galeorhinus Zyopterus Soupfins are recognizable by the pronounced spiracles behind each ... Pups are born around 1 foot in length. Litters can range from 6 to 50 pups with the average being 25 to 30. While most of the nursery areas are believed to be south of Pt conception there are ...

SCS: Bearded Seal (Erignathus barbatus)
Most pups are born from mid-March to early May, later in the north than in the south. Pups are born with a greyish-brown coat, lighter patches on the face, head and back, having shed their white pre-natal coat in the womb. Bearded seal pups can swim very shortly after they are born, and at less than a week old ...

SCS: Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)
There appears to be a larger natural mortality of pups during ... -4 weeks after it was weaned. Pups generally disperse in many different directions from the rookery and are known to wander widely, distances ... The western Atlantic grey seals tend to be about 20% heavier. Pups are born measuring 90-105cm in length and weighing 10-18kg, generally at ... More from this site

Gray Wolf Fact Sheet
Wolves can live 13 years and reproduce past 10 years of age. On the average five pups are born in early spring and are cared for by the entire pack. For the first six weeks, pups are reared in dens. Dens are ...

The Seal Serpent
Dinosaurs? Lake Confusion? Convincingly Obvious? Questions and Answers A Natural History? The Pinnipeds The pinnipeds are usually divided into three families, The Phocidae (True or Earless Seals), The Otariidae (Fur Seals ... as Harbour Seals give birth in the shallow water or on sand banks and their pups are born with a sea going pelt while the Hooded Seal (phocid) has the shortest weaning period ...

CRESLI grey seal page
Canadian Maritime provinces, although smaller numbers are found along the shores of New England. Their distinctive ... fast ice after pups are weaned. Newborn pups averaging 3 feet and weighing about 35 pounds are born in January and February. Pups are born with a creamy ... 3 weeks of age. Unlike the harbor seal, grey seal pups are rather helpless, staying on land in the birth area ...

CRESLI harp seal page
These seals resemble the harbor seal but are slightly larger, growing to 6 feet and weighing up ... Pups are born with a white coat which gives it ideal camouflage as it spends long periods of time waiting on the ice for the mother to return from feeding. The pups ... focused on this massive slaughter, particularly of the white coated pups off the coast of Newfoundland every March. Public outcry ... More from this site

Gray Wolf - Defenders of Wildlife
The alpha female and male are the pack leaders that track and hunt prey, choose ... . Reproduction Mating Season January or FebruaryGestation 63 daysLitter size 4-7 pups Pups are born blind and defenseless. The pack cares for the pups until they mature at about 10 months of age. Threats The ...

Northern Elephant Seals
The pups are born four feet long with silky black fur, weigh 60-80 pounds, and are voraciously hungry. Pups bleat plaintively when they are hungry, and these bleats mix with ...

Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association :: E-Newsletter :: March 2006 :: Harbor Seals
March 2006 Upwelling Front Page Harbor Seals By Barton Creeth There are an estimated 500,00 harbor seals worldwide ... are silver-tan or dark with scattered rings and spots. Researchers believe that deposits of iron oxide cause the unusual red coats of the San Francisco seals. Pups are born ... that exists between mother and pup. Unfortunately seal pups are orphaned by well meaning people who pick up ... More from this site

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