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Ten Demanding Hikes
Trail, a fragile ecological treasure, and the Deer Flat Creek Trail, site of many rare serpentine tolerant plants. Deer Flat is one of the mountain's loveliest spots, a symphony of ... Flat Creek Trail is a gem, an exploration of the geology and rare botany of serpentine soils and rocks. And the Juniper Trail has its own set of rock gardens featuring tundra ...

Rugged Plants Struggle to Survive on Barren Serpentine Soil
Indigenous taxa that cannot survive on serpentine substrates are the avoiders; the flora that can endure both serpentine and nonserpentine soils are indifferent; and the endemic species are restricted to serpentine soils. ... More from this site

Rideau Canal Waterway - Geology
Areas where the glaciers left thicker cover (gravels and soils) are now primarily agricultural regions, areas that have thin cover and exposed bedrock are ... are very common. These can include varying amounts of graphite, and silicate minerals such as serpentine, quartz, phlogopite and feldspar. In some areas, dolomitic limestone is present. In the region around ...

Forest, Range, and Wildland Soils - News
Serpentine Ecology - June 16-23, 2008 - Bar Harbor ME 8/15/2007 Dr. Earl Stone - Memoriam Notice 8/9/2007 Reminder - Abstract submission deadline for the 11th North American Forest Soils ... Noosa, Sunshine Coast, southeast Queensland, Australia 3/7/2007 Conference Announcement - 11th North American Forest Soils Conference - June 21-25, 2008 - Blacksburg, Virginia - Your help is requested to identify ...

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