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(5/12/2002) Bari vs. FBI Trial: Darryl Cherney Testifies
He ruled out Sgt. Chenault because all the questioners were Caucasian. Since then he read the interview notes prepared by Sims and Sitterud. Q: Did you understand from them ... that was done? A: No. Q: You saw a little piece of pipe exhibited from Sgt. Sitterud's testimony? A: I did have that in my van. Q: Was that to make ...

Judi Bari Interview 6: FBI Rushes to the Scene
This is Sgt. Sitterud, an Oakland police homicide officer who said this. He was the ... his police log, according to notes that he wrote at the time, Sgt. Sitterud arrives at the bombing about 15 minutes after the bomb exploded. Ten ... police and prejudiced them as to who we are. We asked Sgt. Sitterud, "How did that effect you?" And he testifies: "It made me ... More from this site

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