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Giant Sharks of the Bay (Chesapeake, Hudson, San Francisco)
Why giant, cave dwelling (possible albino and blind), sharks of course! In the deep crevasses and caverns in the ... of eating anchors and gets 20 feet long), and many micro-sharks lurk at extreme depths, largely eating rockfishes, shrimps, crabs, and plankton. While people seem to love junk food, many tiger sharks just plain like to eat junk. Hubcaps, bottles, license plates, tires ...

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Aquarium Exhibits - Sharks: Myth and Mystery
Example Meet the Sharks Photos, videos and cool facts about the nearly two dozen species of sharks. Help Save Sharks Your consumer choices can help these magnificent animals. Around the world and throughout history, sharks have inspired stories, art, traditions and ...

CONCERNED that the international trade in parts and products of sharks lacks adequate monitoring and control; RECOGNIZING that the members of ... shipped out." When asked what types of sharks, where they were from, and how many sharks were caught she stated that she ... in managing sharks. Help us save the sharks by writing NMFS and telling them that you are interested in protecting sharks as well as ... - Sharks Index
IWMC FORUM MEDIA CENTER SUSTAINABLE USE ELEPHANTS FISHERIES MAMMALS REPTILES SEALS SEA TURTLES SHARKS WHALES ABOUT IWMC CENSORED CONTACT IWMC EVENTS CALENDAR WEB LINKS Letter to the Editor ... Peter Benchley. "Save The Shark" Campaign Launched, Facts Ignored Extremists Make Poor Champions Of Sharks Or Of The World In Search Of Credibility & Cooperation In Shark Conservation Peter Benchley ... - Proposed listing of sharks species / CITES at CoP11
Proposed listing of sharks species / CITES at CoP11 MAINPAGE SHARKS Proposed Shark Listing Summary Introduction Issues Assessment of Proposals Other Assessments General Conclusions Literature Cited ... with FAO and its "International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks", CITES may be able to assist the proponent countries and other global fisheries organisations ... More from this site

The Wonders of the Seas: Sharks
I find it thoroughly captivating to swim among sharks. Sharks and their direct predecessors have been swimming in the world's oceans for well over ... bladder. This class of fishes contains over 600 species worldwide, including over 300 species of sharks. Sometimes sharks are referred to as primitive creatures. They are an ancient group of animals, so ...

Africa on the Matrix: Diving With Great White Sharks
The sea lions attract sharks, particular the great white sharks (made famous by the movie "Jaws"). Great whites not only feed on the ... Crocodiles & Reptiles Elephants (Main Page) • Elephants Greeting • Elephant (Dead) Giraffe Gorillas Great White Sharks Hippopotamus Hyena Leopard Lions (Main Page) • Lions Feeding • Lions Mating Monkeys Other ...

Sharks in Australian waters - Marine Species Conservation
For example, hammerhead sharks are known for eating stingrays; bull sharks eat other sharks; and ... Fox Shark Experience Sharks and Their Relatives Sharks and Rays in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Sharks in the news Sharks of Hawaii Shark Research Institute Sharks species biological profiles ...

sharks and rays
Most sharks are completely harmless, or never encounter mankind. Humans gravely threaten the future of sharks, with commercial catches increasing world-wide and an estimated 100 million sharks killed each year. Sharks ...

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - Santa Cruz, CA - White Sharks - Blue Sharks
The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - Santa Cruz, CA - White Sharks - Blue Sharks [ Conservation Science Institute Fellowship ] latest updates: [ Earthwatch Expeditions ] [ TOPP affiliation ] [ Field Course 2008 ] [ Pelagic in the press ] [ Sponsors ] [ home ] [ contact us ] [ support us ] [ shop ] Copyright 1990-2008 PSRF All rights reserved.

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