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Space Settlement
The Space Frontier Foundation. Space Studies Institue. This organization hosts a space settlement conference every two years. National Space Society. Join the vision and put Space in your future. Space ...

NAS Home Page - Alphabetical Site Index
Seminars SGI Origin systems SGI Origin 2000 Documentation SGI Origin 3000 Documentation Sitemap Software, downloadable Space Settlement Design Contest Staff Directory Systems, development and production Systems Documentation T Tasks (research projects): Top ... More from this site

Permaculture: Weeds or Wild Nature
Landcare model of recreating native ecosystems in public open space and urban wasteland. State and federal funding has seen the rapid growth in projects ... increasing speed. This "ecosynthesis"6 is natures self organising response to the disturbances since European settlement and follows patterns described by systems ecology. In some areas especially along streams the ...

Pirate Utopias (Do or Die)
Madagascan coast. The Liberi - "Enemies to Slavery," aimed to boost their numbers ... Russian Revolution, it is often in interstice and interregnum that experiments in freedom can find space to flower. [IMAGE] "Is this Utopian? A map of the world which does not include ...

No Evolution Without Revolution (Do or Die)
AND cultural) and its potential. One thing is for sure - the ultimate cruelty is ... ? Many questions remain unresolved, but the broad direction is clear - the necessity of a 'new settlement with nature', and of empowered human beings no longer alienated from themselves, one another and ... More from this site

CRFM Mission Statement
Sierra Club, Citizens for Responsible Forest Management, the Environmental Council of Santa Cruz, the Open Space Alliance, Earth Links, and Community Television of Santa Cruz. How-to Manual: "Fight Back!" ...

Mars Exploration Awards - Earth and Space Foundation
Mars Exploration Awards - Earth and Space Foundation Mars and Lunar Exploration Awards Home Page Annual Awards Previous Awardees Endowment Art Collection ... by overland route, climb Mount Olympus, and accomplish other significant milestones in our exploration and settlement of the moon and the Red Planet. This is the Foundation's way of awarding ...

Earth and Space Foundation 2002 Awards
Glacial Retreat in Uganda Category : Use of space technology to study the Earth's environment Institution : University College London, UK, Ohio State University ... the subsurface material is water ice. This ice will be important for any future human settlement or base on the planet as it represents a source of liquid drinking water, oxygen ... More from this site

For Mountain Gorillas – A Juncture of Time and Space
Zoological Society, senior park warden Ngobobo, and rebel leaders are commended for negotiating a disciplined settlement in a highly emotional and calamitous atmosphere. The conservation community can now focus on less ... at great peril to themselves and their families. Mountain Gorilla - A Juncture In Time and Space - An Essay by Dr. Duane Rumbaugh All of those who have looked into the eyes ...

Settlement Tanks
Larger flows are catered for by the installation of multiple units. KEE fixed price operation and maintenance contracts are available. Details on available KEE Servicing Contracts Publications Settlement ...

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