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Forest and Park Service logging in old-growth forests in Eastern Finland. Kainuu region 2000
The Kuivajärvi village is one of the so-called Viena Karelian Kalevala Song villages. FPS´s logging plans threaten the culturally valuable landscape and clear- ... villages from the16th century. More information on Viena Karelian villages can be found at Juminkeko-culture foundation web-site at Local people wish to ...

National Geographic Lord of the Rings -- languages & culture
Elvish writing (© 2001 New Line Productions, photograph courtesy New Line Cinema) Map of Finland detailing Viena Karelia area (Map from National Geographic Television) Anthropologist Wade Davis (left) and Finnish rune ... site devoted to the scholarly study of the invented languages of J.R.R. Tolkien Viena Karelian Folklore Villages More about the past and future of Finland's rich folklore legacy * ...