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Biographical Sketch of Mark and Delia Owens
Awards Print Articles Book Publications Delia and Mark Owens near Marula Puku Research camp in North Luangwa National Park of Zambia. Delia Owens, Ph.D., B.S., and Mark Owens M.Ed., B.S., have conducted research and ... Enterprise for Kalahari Research Project Print Articles by or about Delia and Mark Owens *Newspaper Articles *Thomasville Courier - September 15, 1977 *Chattanooga News Free Press ...

Owens Foundation Background
Owens Foundation recognizes that for the conservation of the earth's wildlife to succeed, scientists must inform and influence the lay public, and thus the Foundation supports lectures by Dr. Delia and Mark Owens and the use of various media sources, such as television, radio, newsprint, and ... More from this site

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Location Special: Nairobi, Kenya -- Giraffe Center; Karen Blixen Musem; Serena Hotel and city scenes; and woodcarving at the equator 2404 27:00 Ecotourism on -- Location Special: Korea' ... -- Polar Bear Express train, heritage, village in Cochrane, and Moosonee & Moose factory near the arctic 2415 00:00 Delia and Mark Owens saving elephants and other wildlife in Zambia, Africa, with the North ...

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Cooper, Bob [Published 1993] Corbett, Mike and Judy Coulter, Catherine Coulter, Catherine 8/ ... Elkjer, Thom Ellroy, James Elms, Alan Ephron, Delia Erickson, Carolly Evanovich, Janet [index] F Feeney ... Kathryn Omolodun, Olateju Orlean, Susan Orlove, Ben Owens, Loius D. [index] P Pai, Ann Paluck, ... Williams, Terry Tempest Wilson, John Morgan Wisniewski, Mark Wolff, Tobias Wong, Jan Elisabeth Sherwin ...

The End of Fortress Conservation?
Mark and Delia Owens have overseen one of the most successful protection efforts of African wildlife in modern times. With financial backing from the Frankfurt Zoological Society and wealthy ... camp again and again until there is no more return fire." And in a documentary produced by American TV station ABC, entitled "Deadly Game; The Mark and Delia Owens Story", Mark tells rangers: ...

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